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There is no greater resource for parents than the support of other parents. Enjoy what your fellow-parents and industry professionals have shared. Feel free to share, too! Trending topics:

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Tuned In Parents (TiP) is a parenting community built by parents around the world connecting and sharing knowledge.

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We’re all about giving a voice to everyday parents; for every day, parents across the world have something very real to say . . . and there are always other parents listening, learning, and progressing because of the generosity of sharing.


30 comments on “Tuned In Parents

    • This is so encouraging, GiGi. Must be the best feeling in the world to raise an awesome kid who appreciates her parents too! That’s pretty much why we work so hard at parenting. Here’s hoping our kids grow up to be as loving and appreciative!

  1. Elle C. Mayberry Thank You so much for all the Wonderful articles of amazing people around the country.” When We Sow We GROW ” I AM SO GRATEFUL EVERYDAY.

    • Thank you. I was just on your Facebook Page Live Inspired and came across the quote “Surround yourself with people who inspire you, challenge you, and make you better.” I just love that one. Keep inspiring!

  2. Hello, I’m here to say that I’m really into your site, the part I like the most is Parenting Humor. I really love reading quotes and tips which are both interesting and useful. I want to become a humorous parent so I can make my children feel at ease. I’d like to get more experience from parents who are connected through this site!
    Emma Wyatt recently posted…How I Get The Healthiest Food For Our BabyMy Profile

    • Welcome to TiP, Emma! I’ve met some of the most amazing (and hilarious) parents here. Sharing knowledge, tears, and laughter definitely enriches the parenting experience! Looking forward to checking out your site, too. So glad you’re tuned in!

  3. I used to think not talking about race was progressive but it’s not. It is in their best interest to learn early no matter what race they are.

    • I assume you mean talking to kids about race early. Agreed. And you’re far from alone in originally thinking abstaining from race conversations in parenting was forward-thinking. Thank you for your candor, F.O.F.

    • Sorry to hear about your accident, Chuck. Not surprised, however, to hear that Monica’s health tips were helpful, especially with essential oils. Wonderful news about your recovery!

  4. I saw you on celebratewithabook.com which led me here. Great site. I ordered the book you wrote with your little girl! Told my sister, too. Your story has us looking at our kids’ artwork in a whole new light!!

    • Thank you for your support, Li! It’s wonderful how our kids’ creativity inspires us! Keep encouraging them. They’ll surprise you at every turn!

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