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Tuned In Parents (TiP) is about parents, in every sense of the word, all around the world sharing, connecting, discovering, evolving, and paying it forward. We’re here to hear, support, and feature what you have to say about parenting, education, and health.

How does sharing help YOU?

As the Dalai Lama said, “Share your knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality.” When you share, we share on our website and social media platforms (and link back to you). And when we share, parents from South Carolina to South Africa see what you shared.

Share your knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality. —Dalai Lama

1. Help parents AND get links.

Tuned in parent and sleep coach Deanna Lorusso shared tips with us on how to help your toddler sleep. We wrote a feature article on her and promoted her across five social media platforms. Parents loved her feature so much that she’s been featured a few times with links flowing back to her sleep coach practice.

2. Inspire others on a global scale.

Tuned in parent and fitness trainer Jeremy Bedell shared with us how he lost 75 pounds in six months the healthy way (we’re all about health, not gimmicks). His two-part feature focuses on his motivation, journey, and tips with links to his training gym; and it continues to inspire parents as one of our top stories.

3. Get your voice heard with our support.

Tuned in parent and single mother Monica, at Live Inspired, has just launched her health and wellness platform AFTER sharing her story with us and gaining a following here! We support her. That’s how it works.

4. And share because it feels good and does good.

Here’s an example of a tip sent in from a tuned in parent. Ames from Seattle wrote, “Maybe you can use this tip, it works for my daughter who’s 5. She hates to clean up her toys, but if I use a timer, she thinks it’s a game and has fun racing against the clock. I even started using this trick for making her bed, and it works!” And here’s how we shared Ames’ tip with you.

Parenting tip: helping kids do their chores with a timer

How does sharing help OTHERS?

Simply put, when you share with a parent, you impact generations.

Tuned in parent Jules Ruud, blogger at One Ruud Mom, is one example among many of the impact parents can make. Jules shared her challenge with postpartum body image and her desire for her children to grow up with a healthy, happy mom. Her bravery and candor reached and inspired many moms who understand the struggle is real.

So many of us can relate and appreciate you starting the conversation on healthy body image. I’ve struggled with this throughout the years, and I’m working on a lifestyle change as well. . . . Thanks for sharing Jules’ story with us, Elle! —Sharisse, Savvy Sweet Life

Ways you can share

  • Tip Jar: Drop your parenting tips, real kid quips, quotes, recipes, and more in the “tip jar” via our contact form below. We feature tip jar top picks on the website and all our social media platforms!
  • Guest post on Tuned In Parents. Parents, writers, educators, and industry professionals from all over the world contribute to TiP. Please read our submissions guidelines and pitch us your best.
  • Email us. If you have a human interest story or cause related to parenting, education, and/or health & wellness, contact our TiP Team at tunedinparents{@}gmail{dot}com for a chance to be featured.
  • Social media. Don’t forget to share us with others on your favorite social media sites!
Note: We believe in giving credit where credit is due. If a quote is not original, please credit the author; same with recipes, tips, etc. Photos must be original or royalty-free, however, to avoid copyright infringement.


Share and pay it forward, get featured, or just drop us a line. We DO NOT do spam, EVER. TiP exists because you share; therefore, we protect your info. Thanks for making TiP an amazing parenting resource! Speak your mind!

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