Raising Kids Outside the Box

Children are natural born freethinkers. If they were adult-sized, they might be branded as radicals, anarchists, and psychotics (well, the last part is true on occasion). Kids question and challenge everything; they explore ravenously and say amusing, borderline apocryphal things utilizing their spongy, unsullied brains. All good. Let little minds be wild. Their neurons are […]

10 Pintastic Picture Quotes

Do you have any favorite and/or original quotes? Send them in, and We’ll turn them into picture quotes! Thank you for being tuned in parents! Your comments, suggestions, tips, and participation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are most welcome.

Meet Tuned In Parent Anitha Robinson

Meet Tuned In Parent Anitha Robinson! She’s the author of “Broken Worlds” — an award-winning young adult novel. Anitha was the shy girl growing up, jotting in journals, penning poems, and being anything but timid in her world of writing . . . until she had to pick a major. Faced with safety and security […]

Bedtime Battles

Bedtime is a battleground for many. And getting the kids in the bed is only the beginning. After swapping stories with friends and family about our ongoing wars of the sleepless, I wrote this tongue-in-cheek poem — helps keep things in perspective. (It doesn’t have a title yet; feel free to send me your suggestions.) […]

Happy Jar

Every cranky kid could use a happy jar! In fact, what kid — or parent, for that matter — couldn’t use one from time to time? And they’re fun and simple to make. All you need is a transparent container, colorful pieces of paper, something to write or draw with, and some happy thoughts! Whenever […]

Meet Tuned In Parent Cindi McNew

First of all, congratulations to Cindi and her husband, Don, on the pending adoption of a precious baby they’ve been caring for since she was a newborn! You know those people with contagious smiles? Cindi’s one of them. She’s a happy mom of two and mompreneur of two businesses. She’s the owner of Cindy McNew […]


We’re giving away a gift certificate to Toys R Us on Facebook! And there’s a lot more loot to be got! We’re one of 24 vendors with fun family prizes in Cinnamon Bums Cloth Diapers GIVEAWAY! The giveaway will run for approximately one week. The odds are great! And best of luck! Now go get […]

Meet Tuned In Parent Maude Stephany!

Meet Tuned In Parent Maude Stephany! A nurturing parent and an inquisitive big kid at heart, mompreneur Maude is the creator of www.thebeemama.com. And she is positively passionate about bees and educating and inspiring people about our vital and vivacious buzzing friends. After all, without bees, where would we be? Fun Bee Fact: “Bees are a […]

Car Seats: When Is It Really Safe to Forward-Face?

Ever see a little baby facing forward in a car seat? I didn’t know better when my daughter was younger and turned her around way too early (one among many errors made in loving ignorance). Over the weekend, I noticed another parent make the same mistake, and I wanted to yell, “Please, turn that baby around!” […]

Welcome to Tuned In Parents!

TiP is a new blog and community that revolves around your parenting tips, quotes, stories, educational material, and pics! Share as much parenting goodness as you like via our contact form below, or message us on any of our social media pages. We welcome your comments, suggestions, tips, and participation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. […]