Meet Tuned In Parent Tina Glasneck

Meet Tuned In Parent Tina Glasneck! She’s an author, publisher, criminal law paralegal, wife and mother. That’s a lot of hats! And she wears them well. Tina is an intriguing individual. She’s a romance and crime fiction novelist with a Master’s degree in theology; she’s from Virginia and speaks fluent German. Oh, and she knows […]

The World Through Your Child’s Eyes

Julie Kandall of Elite Parenting Services has shared a fun summer parenting tip with us that the kids will love! And so will you, for it involves keeping the kids engaged with creative play. Just give them a camera, get them outside, and let them capture the world! See what it looks like through their […]

Falling Apart: When Life Is Like a Burrito

When my daughter was five, she had her first burrito. This was a big deal for an American kid her age. Due to food allergies, she can’t have anything processed, with sauce, with cheese, with marinade or seasoning, in a flour tortilla, etc. And forget about eating out or driving “thru.” This brings us back […]

5 Ways to Raise Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence

5 Ways to Raise Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence

We are emotional beings. And emotions play a big part in our daily lives, affecting our behavior, social interactions, and even influencing all of our decisions — whether we’d like to admit it or not. According to Daniel Goleman, Ph.D., “The emotional brain responds to an event more quickly than the thinking brain.” Understanding our […]

Cool Cucumber Recipe

Summer is kicking temps into high gear, and with the heat comes ample opportunities to gorge on fattening foods like hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, and potato salads. Here’s a fun, healthy snack that’s not just tasty, but also good for you! Cucumbers are 95% water, keeping you hydrated while flushing toxins from your body. Because of its […]

Make Your Goals Non-Negotiable

We’ve all been there: The fork in the road forcing us to choose. It’s time to work out and suddenly there are so many “valid” reasons not to! The plethora of excuses include being too tired; not having enough time; too many other responsibilities trump in priority. My all-time favorite? Well, it’s the weekend, and […]

Kids Have a Sixth Sense About Mondays

Kids Have a Sixth Sense About Mondays

You spend a pleasant weekend with the kids. Everything’s right with the world. Then Sunday night rolls around. You start getting the kids ready for bed, and things get wonky. The kids sense what’s coming. Do they dread Monday’s, too? Or are they mimicking our non-verbal cues? Last night, as I was about to turn […]

A Delicious Twist on Spinach

Spinach. The mere mention of it conjured up less-than-pleasant flashbacks to my childhood: The all-too-frequent dinner stare-down with my mom where she vowed I could not leave the table until I had eaten all of my veggies. My sentence was always short lived thanks to her being too busy to enforce my confinement, and my having all the time in […]

Potty Training Like a Boss

Potty Training Like a Boss

There comes a time in a parent’s life when you just can’t take any more crap . . . literally. That’s when potty training gets creative. Here are seven methods used by real parents worth sharing. 1. The Outdoorsy Type – Why have your child potty train in a claustrophobic, uninspiring room, when he can […]

The Power of Positive Thinking

Self-talk: The incessant stream of thoughts coursing through our brains every second of the day. They’re automatic, which means that most of the time we allow them to roam free and unmonitored. But whether you think positive or negative, thoughts can go a long way in determining your quality of life. Experts at the Mayo […]