Fighting Cancer with Food

Fighting Cancer with Food

Meet Tuned In Parent Monica M., from Los Angeles. She’s a working single mother with two children and cares for three adult family members. That’s not the most impressive thing about Monica. She also defied death by revolutionizing her dying mother’s nutrition, virtually fighting her cancer with organic food. Her mother was checked in to […]

Meet Tuned In Parent Hope McKinney Huff

Meet Tuned In Parent Hope McKinney Huff! When delivering her firstborn, Hannah, there was a tragic complication with the epidural, and Hope lost the use of her legs. Through her faith, determination, and supportive family, she’s the proud mother of two children now, a loving wife, homeschool teacher, writer, web designer, creative developmental consultant, momprenuer […]

Meet Tuned In Parent Tina Glasneck

Meet Tuned In Parent Tina Glasneck! She’s an author, publisher, criminal law paralegal, wife and mother. That’s a lot of hats! And she wears them well. Tina is an intriguing individual. She’s a romance and crime fiction novelist with a Master’s degree in theology; she’s from Virginia and speaks fluent German. Oh, and she knows […]

Meet Tuned In Parent Anitha Robinson

Meet Tuned In Parent Anitha Robinson! She’s the author of “Broken Worlds” — an award-winning young adult novel. Anitha was the shy girl growing up, jotting in journals, penning poems, and being anything but timid in her world of writing . . . until she had to pick a major. Faced with safety and security […]

Meet Tuned In Parent Cindi McNew

First of all, congratulations to Cindi and her husband, Don, on the pending adoption of a precious baby they’ve been caring for since she was a newborn! You know those people with contagious smiles? Cindi’s one of them. She’s a happy mom of two and mompreneur of two businesses. She’s the owner of Cindy McNew […]

Meet Tuned In Parent Maude Stephany!

Meet Tuned In Parent Maude Stephany! A nurturing parent and an inquisitive big kid at heart, mompreneur Maude is the creator of And she is positively passionate about bees and educating and inspiring people about our vital and vivacious buzzing friends. After all, without bees, where would we be? Fun Bee Fact: “Bees are a […]