International Theater Mom on Multicultural Child-Rearing

Meet tuned in parent Nathalie Fribourg! Between working in theater, navigating new motherhood, and traveling all over Europe with her partner, Silvio, and their Spanish, French, Italian, and German-born baby, Nathalie shares with us her experience as a multicultural mom in a foreign land. Phew! Are you jet lagged yet? Keep up, this is a […]

Meet Tuned In Parent Christina Richardson

Meet tuned in parent Christina Richardson and her beautifully blended family: Noah (10), her husband, Cameron, Andre (13), there’s Christina, and her daughter Alexus (16)! This is a real modern family, the new norm in the U.S.; for the conventional family — bio mom, dad, and kids — is quickly becoming a thing of the […]

Meet Tuned In Parent Dawn Mucci

Meet tuned in parent Dawn Mucci! Ever dream of turning one of your parenting ah-ha! moments into a booming business that helps other parents in your situation? Well, Dawn did! And the fact that she wasted no time following through paid off BIG time. In 2002, Dawn founded Lice Squad, a company dedicated to helping […]

Why I’m Fine with My Son Playing Youth Football

If I had a dime for every time I was asked the following question, I’d have enough in cash to fly our family first class to Bora Bora and stay there: “Are you letting Scotty play football?” When your husband has spent most of his life playing football – and nearly seven years as an […]

Meet Tuned In Parent Keri Vandongen

Meet Tuned In Parent Keri Vandongen. She is a certified speech-language pathologist, runs a part-time private practice helping families in speech-language therapy, and is the creator of Speech Party. Does your child struggle with listening? (Mine does. Her pediatrician chuckled when I told him why I had her hearing checked. Her hearing is fine.) It […]

Meet Tuned In Parent Lanisha Kelly

Meet tuned in parent Lanisha Kelly! She’s a vibrant person who’s an outgoing mother, wife, teacher, and now mompreneur. Lanisha has no problem keeping up with her two active school-age kids. She’s usually on the go, refreshing drink in hand, zipping the them off to baseball, T-ball, ballet, and to the beach, museums, birthday parties, […]

Meet the Huff Family

Meet the Huff family: (left to right) Adam, Elisha Samuel, Hope, and Hannah! In July, we met Hope and Hannah in their feature focusing on a mother determined against the odds to educate her eight-year-old daughter to develop and run a web-based business. This follow-up feature, however, delves deeper into Hope’s tragic accident nine years […]

Meet Tuned In Parent Deanna Carney

Meet Tuned In Parent Deanna Carney! Recently, she has gone from stay-at-home (SAHM) mom to work-at-home mom (WAHM) and welcomes the challenge! For years as a SAHM, Deanna enjoyed her children’s many stages and milestones, particularly spending time with them at their favorite hangout spot: the park. The good life, right? Well, it couldn’t have […]

Meet Tuned In Parent Claudette D. Smith

Meet Tuned In Parent Claudette D. Smith! A true go-getter and a mountain-moving force to be reckoned with she is! A family woman through and through, Claudette and her husband enjoy the thrills their adorable and sometimes too-smart toddler brings non-stop. Other than being a full-time wife and mother . . . She’s a Mary […]

Yummy Organic Recipes for Busy Families

Last week we featured tuned in parent Monica M., the single-mom who is still baffling her once-dying mother’s oncologists with aggressive and successful organic food treatments. This week, Monica shares some of her go-to health tips and tricks for busy but health-conscious parents. Let’s see what’s cooking! Yummy quick, protein-rich, organic, and vegetarian recipe! This […]