8 Ways Water Can Improve Your Health Now

8 Ways Water Can Improve Your Health Now

Did you know that more than half of your bodyweight is water? Another fun fact: The “drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day” rule is not true. It should be “drink eight 8-ounce glasses of liquids total per day” (Mayo Clinic). Here are 8 more excellent water facts . . . knowledge you can use to improve your health today plus a bonus at the end!

News for Children with Food Allergies

You know how pediatricians told us to avoid feeding our children nuts until they were at least three years old? They were wrong. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, a new study found feeding infants small amounts of peanuts for years — under the supervision of a physician — can reduce the risk […]

Health Tip: Get Your Goji!

How much do you know about the bright red superfruit goji berries? Did you know they’re nicknamed “red diamonds” due to their high nutritional value? Goji berries, also known as “wolf berries,” come from China and the Himalayas, and have been around for millennia. In the West, however, some of us are just discovering the […]

Tons of Tips for Fast, Healthy, Delicious School Lunches

You want the kids to eat well, but when it comes to school lunch, you have to consider a few more factors; time, convenience, sufficient nutrition to get them over that midday hump, and the right combo of presentation and yummy foods to ensure they actually eat it. After all, you have no control over […]

Vegan Lifestyle for Kids: Pros and Cons

Vegan Lifestyle for Kids: Pros and Cons

My daughter is a die-hard carnivore, and I love my fish and dairy, but we, like other families of late, are side eyeing veganism. Five words make it more appealing with every trip to the grocery store: beef, the environment, the economy. The quick and dirty: The consumption of beef and dairy products is eating […]

From Yard to Organic Garden – Tips and Pics

As food recalls mount and we continue to discover our food is too often the cause of illness, demand for organic food is increasing, as is the price. Good news is if you have a yard — front, side, or back — you can grow your own organic garden! It’s not just a growing trend, […]

Jammin’ Jar Salads

Fast, fun, delightful, and delicious jar salads! A sneaky and salubrious way to refresh how kids see fruits and veggies! Making jar salads is a cool developmental activity for children. They wrap their senses around those beautiful colors, textures, aromas, flavors . . . and learn all about that palatable produce! They can layer each […]

Surprising Health Benefits of Chocolate

Surprising Health Benefits of Chocolate

According to health experts, chocolate is making its way into the health food category one delicious bite at a time. How healthy is it? Healthy enough to binge on bonbons or to give in to the kids’ demands for chocolate bars for breakfast? Maybe that’s pushing it. But the following benefits of chocolate may surprise […]

Succulent 5 Mexican Squash Soup Recipe

Soup. Sopa. Zuppa. Suppe. It’s a funny word in many languages, but there’s nothing funny about the many health benefits homemade soup can offer you and your family. We talked about the medicinal properties of chicken soup in our article Flu Fighters. Now, let’s get our veg on — explore why veggie soup is so […]