Tips for Healthy Mood Stability

Tips for Healthy Mood Stability

Ever see a child play with a cherished toy, then decimate it — hurl it, smash it, laugh, and pull it apart piece by piece? If you have a pulse, you’ve felt like that toy at some point in the parenting process. And similar to a child, life can be fun before it becomes furious […]

Keeping Kids Safe in Booster Seats

Last time, we covered the booster seat rush and how it’s up to five times safer for qualifying kids to remain in a five-point harnessed car seat or convertible seat. Now, let’s address kids who have grown out of the five-point harness and are ready for booster seats. Position of booster seat straps is vital […]

Parenting with Mindful Body Language

Parenting with Mindful Body Language

If you’re a tuned in parent, you’re aware of how your behavior influences your child. The sneaky thing about body language is that it’s non-verbal and often involuntary, which is why being mindful of it is key. In her article Parental Body Language and Children, Julie-Ann Amos states, “The body language you use with your […]

Tip of the Day: Imagination vs. Technology

The above real kid quip from the tip jar illustrates a conversation most of us have had with our kids at some point. Where’s the balance between imaginative play and this generation’s natural affinity for technology? Is one better than the other? Do video games and apps impede imagination and learning, or do they enhance […]

Back-to-School Tip: Making New Friends

This tip from the tip jar comes from Danny in Toronto, and it’s a timely one! Your child probably started school recently. My kindergartener started today, and for the first time we talked about how to make new friends. She’s been in daycare and school since she was in diapers and could give me a […]

Are Kids Really “Colorblind”?

Are Kids Really “Colorblind”?

  The rapidly escalating, racially-charged events in the US and around the world are shedding light on a harsh truth that many prefer to ignore. Sure, the US elected Obama … twice; and social media is taking a stand against police brutality; it’s even reported that the economy is in recovery. So, how do we […]

Tip of the Day: The Booster Seat Rush

With each milestone, it’s tempting to rush to conquer the next. With car and booster seats, however, to rush is to be rash. Certified child passenger safety technician and owner of Baby Car Seat Installers, Mohammad Bhorat, reminds safety-conscious parents that the five-point harness system provides more support for children who still meet the height […]

Tip of the Day: Confident, Capable Parenting

What you do and how you do it directly affects your child’s emotional well-being. In order to feel safe and secure, children need to see their parents are confident and capable of managing daily stress and problems, as well as the occasional crisis. According to Jim Taylor, Ph.D., “One of the most important qualities you […]

Tip of the Day: Talking Around the Kids

If allowing a child to overhear you saying good things about her can affect positive change in her behavior, what about the opposite? What effect does complaining about a child’s behavior in front of her have? And what if the child acts out in front of family or friends? What then? According to psychologist Eileen […]

How to Keep Your Sleeping Baby Safe

Have you, or someone you know, ever put a loose blanket or stuffed animal in your infant’s crib? Or maybe let him or her sleep on a soft, comfy mattress? Seems harmless, right? It’s not . . . at all. But don’t feel bad if this is news to you. The media are catching some […]