When Life Tries to Sabotage Your Progress

When Life Tries to Sabotage Your Progress

I can’t believe I was so wrong about something I was so sure of. I’m questioning everything now! I was having an unusually rough morning and I couldn’t clear my mind to think my way to a solution to a problem I was facing. I felt overwhelmed and terribly despondent. Soon I was working way […]

Simple, Delicious, Low-Fat Dinner Recipe

Healthy, hearty, zesty meals don’t have to be complicated. In fact, at the end of a convoluted day, there’s something purifying about simplifying dinner. You’ll love this easy, yummy, back-to-basics recipe! Especially great for those laid back summer family meals when you want to spend less time in the kitchen and more time making memories. […]

Hit The Reset Button On Your Life!

Hit The Reset Button On Your Life!

“Hit the reset button! Today is the first day of the rest of your life! What do you want your life to look like tomorrow? Go get it!” -Jeremy Bedell Jeremy Bedell’s charge is the basis of why he started Reset. Last week, we met Tuned in Parent Jeremy and learned about his inspirational fitness journey and how […]

Meet Tuned In Parent Jeremy Bedell

It’s 5 am on a Monday morning and the first of what would be a slow and steady caravan of vehicles trickles into the south parking lot of the GUTS Youth Center. One by one, they slowly pull in and their occupants stay put, using the few remaining minutes before their instructor arrives to shake […]

6 Tips for Harnessing the Power of Gratitude

This is part two of Gratitude Can Change Your Life where we explore six practical applications of gratitude in everyday life to obtain true change. 1. Write it down. Call it your gratitude journal, thankful journal, or whatever you wish. Just make sure that it’s solely devoted to jotting down ten things you’re thankful for every […]

Gratitude Can Change Your Life

Why is it when “bad” things happen, we feel “bad,” and when “good” things happen, we feel “good,” making us virtual slaves to the whims of our circumstances? And how can gratitude free us from this oppressive cycle? In our article The Power of Positive Thinking, one of the tips outlined the importance of arresting […]

6 Ways to Lose Weight for Busy Parents

When life gets busy, it’s sometimes difficult to remain focused on eating right, working out, and getting and staying healthy. Particularly for parents, it can feel like you’re being pulled in a million different directions, and while you want to stay on your course towards losing weight, you’re usually detoured to alternate routes throughout your […]

Fun and Healthy Chicken Quesadilla

Add some spice to your summer! If you’re running on fumes in the creativity department when it comes to snack options, here’s a fun one that’s sure to add some kick to your routine. This quesadilla is easier to make than you’d think, provides a healthy balance of whole grain and protein, and though it’s […]

Beautiful. Beneficial. Broccoli.

Here’s another ex-nemesis-now-best-friend in the nutrition department: broccoli. I never cared for it and until recently, happily skipped past it in the produce section. Parents of picky eaters know all to well how challenging meal time can be when it comes to getting their tykes to down these little green clusters of nutritional goodness because quite frankly, […]