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Tuned In Parents - YOU'RE NOT ALONE, parents supporting parents1. Tuned In Parents (TiP) is an international hub of parenting, education, and health tips, trends, articles, and more from parents and experts around the world tuned in to the dilemmas and delights of parenting, learning, and healthy living.

TiP is also a community, website, and blog. It was founded in 2014 by Elle C. Mayberry.

2. Elle C. created TiP to connect parents, now in nearly 100 countries, through sharing knowledge, stories and humor, and to provide quality content and information on current parenting news, trends, education, child development, and health and wellness.

3. TiP is run by a dedicated team of volunteers — Elle C. (founder, writer, editor), Yari (contributor), Jennifer Landis (contributor), Shan La (assistant, social media) — and tuned in parents everywhere!

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4. Due to fact #3, TiP is primarily made possible by the generosity of parents sharing knowledge, so it can be paid forward and circulated to a larger audience: a global community of parents.

5. True story: What one parent learns and shares here could help more families than he or she had ever imagined. Two (of many) examples are Monica M.’s story, Fighting Cancer with Food, and Courtney Vaughn’s story, Parenting with Mental Illness.

6. If you believe children are remarkable in that being mini versions of us, they make us want to be better versions of ourselves, then you’re a tuned in parent, too!

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We would love to feature your parenting tips and tricks, awesome stories, educational games and dittos, funny photos, and all things positively parenting! Share here or email us at tunedinparents{@}gmail{dot}com to send photos, documents, and/or videos!

If you would like to guest post for TiP, we would be happy to share your interesting and informative content with our intelligent community of parents! Please see our submissions guidelines to get started!

Thank you for contributing and being Tuned In Parents!

-TiP Team