About Elle C. Mayberry

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Elle C. Mayberry is an author who just released a new children’s book with her young daughter. With a passion for parenting, writing, and degrees in psychology and “make it workology,” she created Tuned In Parents (TiP).

Fun facts about Elle C.: she has seen every Star Wars movie (as she should), has called four countries home, and can do impressively useless stuff like recite passages of Canterbury Tales in Middle English. She has a chronic case of goofy-mom, is working on another children’s book with her daughter, is a founding member of the STEM nonprofit The Fribourg Foundation, and has swum with sharks twice . . . only once was it intentional.

Elle understands the value of parents supporting parents without judgment or borders. She appreciates being able to Skype with parents in Berlin and get parenting tips from friends and parenting professionals in Madrid or New York or Trinidad or San Francisco. . . . It’s the unique global perspective of different cultures coming together as one community—as a parenting village—that inspired her to create TiP.

Here, parents and industry professionals can come together to share from anywhere on anything that concerns their families including travel, psychology, health and wellness, child development, education, parenting humor, or just connect and network.

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-TiP Team