Top Picks 17: Parenting Quotes, Tips, and Real Kid Quips

Kids crack us up (in more ways than one)! Get comic relief with Real Kid Quips and funny parent musings. And enjoy shareworthy parenting tips and quotes, too, in this latest round of tip jar top picks shared by real parents here and in social media.

Real Kid Quips






Parenting Humor and Quotes



Every time I write a paper list, right? Shared by I Declare Shenanigans.

Shared by truth-telling dad Daniel in Toronto.

Shared by funny mom Jen at


Parenting Tips


Great motivation for us parents to eat healthy foods, right? Shared by Brain Balance of Cincinnati.

A fun and easy parenting tip by author Beth Kobliner for teaching kids as young as toddlers the value of saving money.

What parenting quote or tip has made an impact on you recently? And what’s the craziest thing the kids have blurted out lately?

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7 comments on “Top Picks 17: Parenting Quotes, Tips, and Real Kid Quips

  1. WoW!!! really admirable. Sounds like something freaky cool. Thanks a lot for sharing your great thoughts through your amazing post. Keep posting looking forward for more from you.

  2. Oh My kids are hilarious. My daughter once asked me why it takes her daddy twenty minutes to go potty but it only take mommy two?..and we were in front of the checker at the grocery store of course. I laughed so much I was in tears.

    • Omg! 😂 #tipjar
      Just love it when kids publicly embarrass us. We can return the favor when they’re teens. 😜

  3. Love the funnies. Conversation once between my three year old and I:
    Daughter: Who was on the phone?
    Me: None of your business Nosy Rosie
    Daughter: I’m not nosy
    Me: Then what do you call it?
    Daughter: I just have a NEED to know everything!

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