Seven Spring Essentials for a Happy Family

Spring is so much more than the season at the end of winter. It’s the season that ushers in sunshine, warmth, flowers and baby animals. In other words, it’s primetime for being outside and spending time with the ones you love.

This spring, you and your family should take advantage of the warmth after a snowy, icy or otherwise chilly winter. The following seven essentials will make this spring season even better so that, by the time summer rolls around, you’ll be ready to relax by the pool or on the beach — you’ll have had all the fun and excitement you need throughout spring.

Group Gardening

The warm temperatures and ample sunshine bring more than just flowers into our gardens — it’s also a fine time to grow fruits and vegetables like carrots, beets and strawberries.

Even better news is that your kids will love to get in on the action and take part in some backyard cultivation. Everyone can pitch in, whether they’re digging holes and sowing seeds, watering seedlings or plucking fruits from stalks. If that’s not enough excitement, then everyone can gather ‘round the dinner table to try foods made with home-grown ingredients. Yum.

Spring Cleaning

Okay, okay, hear us out. It might not sound particularly fun to spring-clean, but you’ve all spent so much time indoors this winter that your house needs a bit of a clear-out. A good cleaning will last you into fall if you do a single solid deep-clean, too, so that’s further incentive to get your spring cleaning done right.

Everyone can take part. Have your kids clean out the clothes they no longer wear or the toys they no longer play with. Depending on how old they are, they can help with some cleaning tasks around the house, too. It might not be as fun as the other ideas on the list, but spring cleaning is vital to achieving that springtime lightness and cheer you’re looking for.

Sign Up for a Sport

Springtime beckons you to be outdoors, and sports are a great way to ensure everyone’s taking advantage of the weather. Kids and adults alike can take part in local sports leagues. Even if sports aren’t everyone’s fav, they can take part in cheering their loved ones on.

Plus, participating in sports and exercise will give you a feel-good endorphin boost, among other benefits that’ll have you in a springy spirit.

Play in the Rain

April showers don’t stop at the end of the month. Spring sunshine beckons you outside, but so should the spring rain. It’s easy to forget how fun it is to play in nature, splashing in puddles and maybe even kicking up some dirt. Reconnecting with rain and what it does to the earth will be so much fun for you and your kiddos. Then show the kids how to use the dryer.

Rainy Day Crafts

It’s essential to spend time outside in spring, even when it’s raining, but you should have a rainy day backup plan for after the puddle-hopping ceases to be entertaining or if the weather is a bit too chilly or too windy to permit outside play.

Crafts are the perfect way to pass a day indoors with the family. The possibilities are truly endless — you might have the kiddos draw and play their own board games or turn strips of construction paper into finger puppets.

Wash the Car Together

This is a win-win for parents out there who have neglected to care for their cars during winter, when salty roads and icy precipitation leave their rides dirty. Your kids will absolutely love the chance to grab a soapy sponge and help wash your car.

They might do a perfect job, but they’ll help you reach your goal of driving around in a sparkling car this spring. Just make sure you wait until after pollen has come and gone before you wash, or you’ll be annoyed when you have to do it again very shortly.

Capture It All

As you prepare for your happy family spring, make sure you have the most important accessory with you: your camera. Don’t be shy about taking pictures because you’ll want to remember this spring. Make it even more fun by letting the kids snap pictures, too, so you can see the fun from their perspectives. At the end of spring, print and hang some of your photos to remember this happy spring for seasons to come.

Whatever you do to enjoy this spring, do it together. Spending time with your family in the sun, rain or in front of a craft table are forever memories not even the best camera can capture.

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