10 Innovative Toy Storage Ideas to Rescue Your Home

If you have children, you know that playtime can result in a mound of mess and clutter in your home. Children love and enjoy playing with their toys, but the truth is toys take up a lot of space, and keeping a clean and tidy play area is not a concept familiar to most kids. That’s why we’ve come up with 10 innovative toy storage ideas to help you and your children stay organized while having fun!

Mesh Hangers


Mesh hangers are hanging containers that are convenient for storing toys off the floor. It is ideal for organizing plush toys, balls, and even hats.

The Doll Organizer

Use an over-the-door shoe organizer as a doll organizer. This is another great way to get those toys off of your floor and store them in a neat and accessible way. Choose the dolls that your little ones play with the most and keep these in the organizer for easy reach. No more digging through piles of dolls!

Bookshelves for Storage

If you have a spare set of bookshelves, here’s a cool way to repurpose it and organize your children’s toys in no time. If you have slim bookshelves, lay them horizontally and store toys in the new cubby-like spaces. You can also add decorative cushions and pillows on the top, flat surface. Now you’ve got a toy storage and a bench! Paint them to match your decor.

Pyramid of Toys


Gather old wooden boxes of different sizes — preferably a small, medium, and large one so you can create a pyramid-like shelf that you can design based on your child’s style and preference. Paint them and attach them to the wall with a drill. The largest one on the lowest part, the medium-sized one in the middle and the smallest box right at the top of the pyramid. Having this type of storage will allow your children to have enough space to store their toys and you can even label these to help keep your children organized.

Basket and Hooks

Here’s a two-step tip. Add a few sturdy hooks on a wall and hang baskets. That’s it! Baskets and hooks are great for storing Legos, doll accessories, figurines, and other small toy items at an appropriate height for your child to access them and participate in keeping them organized.

Toys in a Bag

Some parents collect decorative paper bags. If you have such a collection, consider using it to store your children’s stuffed animals and dolls? If they are plain bags, you can make a creative project out of it by decorating them with cutouts and even origami designs to add more style to the storage.

Surprise Socks

Ever lose a pair of children’s socks? Ever not? Now you can repurpose all of those tiny, lonely half-pairs! They make excellent toy storage pieces, especially for small toy soldiers and dolls. Imagine those no longer scattered about!

Roll-Out Drawers

Old drawers are functional, but if you want something more modern and fun to keep the kids’ toys in place, try using old wooden drawers as rolling, pull-out containers that you and you your children can customize with paint and decorations. Afterward, add four wheels underneath and drawer handle(s) for little ones.

Muffin Pan Keepers

Have extra muffin pans at home? These are great for storing smaller toys, knick-knacks, doll accessories, and crafts. Line the muffin pans neatly on their tables, allowing for easy access when they play.

Wall Parking

When kids have a lot of toy cars scattered about, make them a cute and unique garage by using a wooden shoe rack as the “parking lot.” Instead of doing the usual and assembling the shoe rack, just mount its pieces (the flat surface) right on your little one’s wall for them to have a convenient and fun place to park their toy cars.

One of the most important things to consider when keeping toys organized is ensuring everything has its area, and your children can readily take toys out and, more importantly, put toys back in their proper place. It’s also nice when things are off of the floor and in-tune with your decor.
Contributed by Ellie Bell: Ellie is a professional blogger at Whistle Copter, which offers a wide range of rocket copter toys for children. Ellie passionately writes about toys and innovative toy storage ideas. Follow her on Twitter and YouTube.

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    • Hi, Julie! You’re too kind. I, too, like the doll organizer and mesh hanger. In the process of converting a bookshelf into toy cubby. 🙂

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