Second Grader Trumps Racism with Award-Winning Poem

To celebrate World Poetry Day, we’re featuring a heart-swelling, award-winning poem on one second grader’s profound multicultural experience around the world.

Safi is an American girl who loves karate, traveling, studying art and science, and is a writer and published illustrator (yes, she is still young enough to ride in a car booster seat). Though her poem, “The Multiracial Child,” has won four awards, this is the very first time it’s being published. It is her story in verse about her worldwide roots, civil rights heritage, and life through the eyes of a 21st century mixed-race American girl.

The Multiracial Child

By Safi

I am from the bold-eyed snowy owl, from digital apples, and lucid dreaming.

I am from star-blind Los Angeles, the city of never-ending noise.

I am from the lavender fields of Germany.

I am from Sunday family fun and multiracial Americans,

From Torres and Hamilton and Mayberry and Hill,

From Wong and Vanderbilt and Edwards and more still.

I am from the blood of strong women and a tribe of smiling eyes.

From the Moroccan escape artist and the sky divers.

I have been around the sun almost eight times and I still don’t know where I’m going,

But it’s an adventure.

I am from my nana who was the boss of 60 people—men, women, whites, and

Blacks—in a time when black women had just finished fighting

For the right to sit on the front of the bus.

I am from decorative memory boxes, Facebook moments,

And falling stacks of bitter-sweet albums.

I’m from the Seoul-ful, colorful land of South Korea;

I have traveled across the Atlantic and the Pacific,

And my ancestors, many more, for we are from five continents.

I am a child of the world.

Isn’t that a powerful piece of poetry?

Imagine if Safi’s ancestors embraced xenophobia instead of inclusion or hate instead of love. What if they were denied entrance into the United States? There would be no Safi. There wouldn’t be a lot of us.

We want to feature your child(ren)’s story—drawings, poems, letters, whatever creative (and tasteful) way they want to share their heritage and/or how they feel about diversity in America. Please email your submissions to info[at]tunedinparents[dot]com by April 30, 2017, and we’ll send them with Safi’s poem to the Trump administration and the media.

Although this is an international parenting community, what’s going on here has a ripple effect. We want to hear how you’re impacted too.

The next 4-8 years will affect our children’s lives in the States and abroad. Don’t they deserve to be heard?


About Elle C. Mayberry

Elle C. Mayberry is a mom and author, who just released a new children’s book with her young daughter. With a passion for parenting and degrees in psychology and “make it workology,” she created Tuned In Parents (TiP).

16 comments on “Second Grader Trumps Racism with Award-Winning Poem

  1. Safi the poem you wrote made me cry.
    It has Heart and Soul .You are surrounded by Love daily and blessed beyond belief divine intervention. You have favor Jeremiah 29:11
    We love you dearly embrace Life
    You are Beautiful inside and out.
    Live inspired daily
    Love Monica and Jessica ♡ ooxx

  2. Safi
    From the first time I took you in my
    Arms and Candice took a picture
    Of us ( which is still my Facebook
    ID picture ), I knew you were a
    Special & Gifted child of God, and
    see you’ve proved it 🙏 I pray that
    He will continue to let His Light
    Shine upon you, direct your footsteps and take you to places
    you’ve never even dreamed of.
    You make your Great Aunt Barbara
    Soooo very proud. Love You💕😘

  3. That was an exceptional poem from an exceptional little girl that i am proud to say is our lil cousin. Wtg Safi. Family and love comes first. Love Eunice Hamilton

  4. We are so proud of Lil Safi. Such a strong vision from such a young child. May God continue blessing her in all she does 😍 we luv u cousin Safi,

    Luv always, George, Janet, Julian, Christina and Liana Hamilton ❣

  5. I am so proud of my little cousin Safi!! Super talented, hysterically funny and very sweet (cousin Tony still cherishes his note from you). We love you. Keep soaring high!!😘😘

    • She’s out celebrating by watching Beauty and the Beast; but I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to read your encouraging comment afterward, Bibi!

  6. Safi is my great-grandchild. I couldn’t be more proud of her understanding of multiculturalism and her accomplishments at such an early age. Nana loves you, Safi.

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