Making Science Fun for Kids! (with free eBooklet)

We’re happy to welcome back tuned in parent Dr. Lidia, our globetrotting scientist mommy. This is the parenting version of her science piece for The Fribourg Foundation. In this version, Dr. Lidia blends her relatable parenting narrative with how to make science fun for your children. As a bonus, we’ve included a free eBooklet for your little scientists! Enjoy!

Whoever says having children does not change your life and you can keep doing the same things you used to, needs to give up the secret. I’m just saying, my life is pretty crazy right now! How about yours? And I only have two little humans at home. I cannot begin to imagine the mayhem with more. Even if I were curious, I wouldn’t tempt my husband to find out…

Life is so chaotic that I don’t think I’ve ever been so careless with my appearance and health. It’s not that I don’t care, but rather I don’t have the time. And, as a science mom, if I find time left over from familial responsibilities, I tend to use it for educational purposes. I will jump at an opportunity to make science fun for kids before I’d jump on a fashion trend.

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We live in Madrid, Spain. And at Science Week, I, along with other science parents, participated in activities at my daughter’s school. We introduced the kids to two concepts: yeast digestion and chromatography. It was way cooler than it sounds. Watch!

Make science fun for kids with cool experiments!

Here the children learned how yeast inflates balloons when producing carbon dioxide (CO2):

The kids also learned about chromatography by making colorful flowers. Afterward, I also shared chromatography concepts with eager little scientists-in-the-making at a science fair.

It was encouraging how engaged the children were in learning about DNA, microscopes, density experiments, flies (in the picture), and more!

Each child was soaking it up, participating, and enjoying science! Now that they’ve had a fun and engaging experience with science, they’re open for more!

Click above to get this printable and full eBooklet for your little scientist!

And that’s my really long excuse for having everyday bad hair day: SCIENCE (and parenting)! Seriously though, finding time is a never-ending scavenger hunt when you have children. Those who claim otherwise are fooling no one. But if and when you find it to do things for yourself and others, it is pretty awesome. It’s worth it to keep trying.

Contributed by Lidia Prieto-Frías, Ph.D.: Lidia holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry by Complutense University of Madrid and completed her postdoctoral fellowship at The City College of New York. She now lives in Madrid, Spain with her two children and husband and works as a science writer.


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  1. Brilliant. My girls both love science and maths. I’m currently trying to persuade them that physics is the most awesome science, they’re not buying it though. Eldest loves chemistry, youngest is still doing general science at primary school. Science is fun #happynowlinkup
    Lisa recently posted…My Accidental PurchaseMy Profile

    • Okay, Lisa, can I just say how awesome it is that the debate between you and your kids is which field of science is best: physics or chemistry? Well done, Mom, well done. =D

  2. Oh I’m glad u shared this, Dr Lydia! Especially the ebook. Because I know how important science is and I want to get my kids more involved but at the same time I’m like the least sciency mom ever. Ever ever. So here we go learning together I guess!

  3. This is fun! I learnt new spanish words today and coincidently it’s the second time I read the word “levadura” today and it’s just 9am. haha.

    Glad you shared at #practicalmondays

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