Parents, Let’s Get Fit! Weight Training Tips 101

The holidays are now over, and 2017 has officially begun for all of us. What do we now make of our first few weeks?

Most of us have already started working on our New Year’s resolutions. And I’m pretty sure that as always, “living healthily” makes it to your list. For some, it could even be “Losing Weight.”

How do you plan to tick this one off your list? How do you plan on claiming that healthier living? Perhaps you have finally decided on quitting smoking? Or, maybe you’d like to cut down your carbs after those sinful Christmas and New Year’s dinners? Whichever it is that you are focusing on, remember that healthy living should always be backed up by exercise. When did you last engage in regular physical activity?

Any form of exercise counts—pilates, aerobics, running, biking. However, I would have to recommend lifting weights. This will be especially helpful if you are planning on strengthening your core muscles.

Now, if you are reading on, it means you are interested in lifting weights. So, let me say this to you—it will not be easy, especially if you are a beginner. However, like all of your New Year’s resolutions, this can be achievable with the right amount of determination.

The fitness tips I’m about to share with you are not about your average weight lifting for weight-loss program. The information below is not only about the use of barbells and adjustable dumbbells in the gym, but it’s also about strength training in a more practical setting such as your home.

This is a set of convenient steps that you can do on your own. No need to enroll for pricey gym tuition and no need to hire a fitness expert. So, are you ready for a few “pro tips” about DIY weight lifting in the comfort of your home? Disclaimer: I am not a fitness guru, but working out at home has worked for me. Consequently, I am confident that this will work for you too.

Now let’s begin!

Preparing Yourself and Your Fitness Mindset

In any workout program, it is essential to have an entirely positive mindset. Doubt has no room in working on this kind of goal. Whatever your methods are, and regardless whether you’re a pro or a beginner, what matters is your drive to continue.

There will be challenges along the way, for sure. Some people around you could be unsupportive and discouraging. Moreover, there may be times when you would feel too lazy to continue.

Laziness could be your biggest challenge. The usual excuse would be that you are too busy to find extra time. Nonetheless, if you are determined to stay fit, there will always be a way. Sometimes, work and leisure can wait.

Okay! So now that you know how to condition your mind, let us go through the program itself. I managed to follow these steps from Strongdaily Fitness Blog. It has been my quick go-to strength training. There is practically no reason for it not to work for you.

About Bodyweight Training

According to, your goals, and your available equipment will define the best routine for you. If what you need is a program that is hassle-free and doesn’t require heavy equipment, go for bodyweight training. This can be done virtually anywhere as long as you have enough space.

You can do basic pull-ups or dips if there are bars and rings around where you are. But, according to the article, it may be a little harder to push through with this kind of training. You need to adjust the difficulty level every time for it to take effect on you.

About Dumbbells

If you are new to weight training, using dumbbells can work for you even from the beginning. You might get too overwhelmed if you start using barbells immediately. Regardless of the equipment, what matters is that you move with weight.

You may try this one at home if you like. You’ll always want to purchase adjustable dumbbells. These are beneficial if you only have a small room for storage. However, you may get used to lifting weights and strengthen up quickly. This means you will no longer need your dumbbells after a short period.

Be Your Own Fitness Instructor

I hope these tips have somehow helped you decide on your workout scheme. Weightlifting sounds like a whole lot of hard work, but again, it is achievable. Determination is the key. Choose what works for you. Be your own fitness instructor. Make good use of available online resources, focusing on what will help you achieve your personal fitness goals, and follow through!

Contributed by Jake Tyler: Jake has been a kickboxer since he was 16 years old and has built up an incredible passion for fitness and self-improvement ever since. He created to guide you with the best tips in achieving your health and fitness goals.

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7 comments on “Parents, Let’s Get Fit! Weight Training Tips 101

  1. Thank you for this post! I believe the beginning is always hard. And that’s with everyone and everything. If you want to eat healthier – first days, weeks or even months will be hard.. If you will become a mom – of course you will be scared at the first time and you won’t know what to do and how to do everything. Yeah, it’s not the same – being a mom and eating healthier – but there’s still some truth in it.
    I’m doing yoga for almost 3 years now. OMG. the beginning was so hard.. I didn’t want to do anything.. it just was too hard for me. It was hard to do even basic exercises.. but with time it got easier. And I got in love with yoga :))
    Now I’m interested in lifting weights and I think that yoga will help me with that. Not only because I have stronger core now. I agree that you should think positive thoughts while working out and yoga was everything about that. So I can’t wait to get my first dumbbells.

    • There’s so much truth to what you’re saying, Annie. It’s getting starting and sticking with it that’s so hard–we often act like we’re into it, but it can be “un-fun” at first. But then … it gets easier as our bodies and mind adjust. We change. Just have to stick with it. And yoga pairs well with weightlifting. You must be feeling and looking good by now!

  2. Jake thanks for sharing this! I especially love your stressing the importance of your mindset in any fitness goal. It’s so true. Thank you for these practical and simple tips!! It’s inspiring and yet sobering at the same time. I will dedini keep these in mind as I train!!!

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