Spending More Time with Your Family: 5 Time Management Hacks

Don’t you wish you had more quality time with your family? This can pose quite a challenge for working and overworked parents. Long hours and busy schedules can leave little energy at the end of the day for quality time at home. Here are five simple family time management hacks to help you spend more time with the ones you love the most.

Involve Your Kids in Your Tasks


This is a great bonding technique. Doing laundry or yard work can be a headache, but getting the kids to help can work to everyone’s benefit. If they’re younger, you’ll have to get creative with games and incentives. It saves you time, gives you all the opportunity to spend more time together, and your kids benefit from learning responsibility.

If your kids are too young to help out with certain chores, then have them sit down close by so that you can talk to them while you work, and they can learn, too. Don’t forget to keep toys handy!

Cook in Bulk

Cooking in bulk will help you store food and save you and your family from processed foods. When you cook in bulk, you have a little extra work on your hands for that day. However, you end up saving a lot of time down the road. This extra time can be utilized to spend with your family.

Let Go of Technology

Set aside a time for family members to leave their gadgets in their rooms. For example, you can set this rule for dinner, or when you come home from work and want to hang out with your kids. Less screen time and more family time at designated periods of the day will increase bonding. Fill that time however you like! Board games, reading, playing outside, crafts, exercise, you name it!

Exercise Together

This activity is great for family members of all ages. As a family, you can choose whatever exercise you like best and can keep up with to stay fit. Whether you enjoy going to your local swimming club, riding bikes, yoga, or a short jog with your kids in the morning, family exercise is good for bonding and accountability–as long as it’s an activity you all can enjoy regularly. What a great way to spend quality family time, stay in shape, and raise your kids with a healthy lifestyle!

Combine Your Work and Kids’ Homework

If you work at home or brought work from the office, save some time by doing it while your kids do their homework. Choose the living room for this activity so that you all have plenty of space. The hardest part about this is not getting distracted. However, once everyone’s work is done, the payoff is more time!

Use these family time management hacks for getting in extra hours with your loved ones, and make them your own, infusing them with your own creative ideas. Keep in mind, finding more time isn’t always easy. Communicate to your partner and kids that you want to spend more time with them and ask for their help. There is no limit to what a unified family can accomplish.

Contributed by Zyana Morris: Zyana is a passionate health and lifestyle blogger who loves to write about prevailing trends. She is a featured author at various authoritative blogs in the health and fitness industry and currently she is associated as a blogger for Centra Care​ ​Florida, an urgent care center in Orlando and neighboring cities including Conway, Longwood, Orange Lake and others.

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    • Too true, Trish. Running errands with kids is so counterproductive that when we do it without them, we’re tricked into feeling like we’re getting “me” time. LOL

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