Tips for Tuning In to Your Children’s Social Media Activity

Walking to school, getting a driver’s license—they’re all rituals of growing up and growing older. But one of the newer rituals? Getting a smart phone, and going online: Nearly all teenagers go online every single day, and nearly three-fourths can probably access a smart phone, too. But with that access comes risk.

There are inappropriate sites. There is online bullying. And there is secret-keeping, particularly from parents. Teens are often on social media platforms and many log on multiple times each day. Those sites may also encourage arguments and loss of friendships.

So what can parents do? Limiting use and access are two steps to take. But discussing the risks inherent to social media and smart phones is important, too. Use this graphic, shared by a fellow-tuned in parent, for helpful info and tips for monitoring your kids’ social media activity.

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With the above information and tips added to the common sense concept of balance in all things, the sugar rush of overflowing online activity vying for your kids’ attention (and more) can feel less daunting. Plus, you have something social media doesn’t: parental instinct. Always trust it. There’s no app for that.

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