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Tuned In Parents Parenting News Roundup Week of August 1

We’ve rounded up newsworthy parenting stories, trends, vids, and tips for busy, tuned in parents. This week’s funniest and inspiring parenting videos, new parenting tips and hacks on money, pregnancy, being a stay-at-home dad, and more!

These 10 TED Talks videos range from controversial to creative, humorous to heartwarming, and educational to motivational. Whether you get the chance to nibble or binge-watch, you’ll find it thought-provoking and worth your time.

Tuned In Parents Benefits of Pregnancy - photo by rahego

Though pregnancy is an arduous journey, it’s not without its benefits! Tricia at The Good Mama points out in this Mommy A to Z guest post the delights between the doldrums of the third trimester of pregnancy. And she reminds us that focusing on the positive (and having a sense of humor) can pretty much get you through anything.

At once riotous and real, this unexpected stay-at-home dad is reaching out to all parents and exposing what he’s learned through trial and error to share a laugh, ease any unnecessary suffering, and to entertain. You’ll enjoy this relatable read.

Tuned In Parents - Kids and Basketball Early Recruitment Trend

Just starting high school, 13-year-old LaMelo Ball verbally accepts an offer to play college basketball for the UCLA Bruins in 2019. His parents are proud. But one parent who’s young son is also receiving early recruitment offers isn’t happy about the kid-scouting trend.

CNN reports NBA superstar LeBron James’ opinion on the matter, “It should be a violation; you shouldn’t be recruiting 10-year-old kids.” What do you think?

Ohh! They’re so cute when they’re learning to talk, aren’t they? This short AFV clip of wee ones mispronouncing words is sure to give you a giggle! Enjoy your funny parenting video of the week!

Great, easy-to-follow tips for truly saving more money for your family. This is especially good advice for single-income families. You’ll want to read this and pass it on to your friends.

BCSI Location of Car Collisions

Tuned in parent David in Altadena had shared a tip with us that the safest place to position a car seat is in the middle back seat. And we’re so glad he did because it prompted us to dig further. David was right about the middle back seat being the safest as it is away from areas of collision impact, but his tip led to more (see diagram).

We also learned not every vehicle and car seat model combination can accommodate an installation in the middle position. Baby Car Seat Installers shares how to find out what position in your vehicle is safest for your child’s car seat. Important info every parent should know!

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Tuned In Parents - What children really want

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