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Tuned In Parents - Parenting News Roundup Week 9

We’ve rounded up newsworthy parenting stories, trends, vids, and tips for busy, tuned in parents. This week’s viral videos, new parenting hacks, three major discoveries that will wow you and the kids, and more!

New Horizons: Images Reveal Ice Mountains on Pluto – BBC News

This is a short and sweet recap video of the amazing New Horizons images and discoveries of Pluto this week, including water in the form of ice mountains! That right there is a big surprise and a huge deal! Water, after all, is the source of life! You may want to show this one to the kids (it’s short enough – actual running time is 2:43).

32 Brilliant Morning Hacks for Moms and Dads | Mommy Shorts

Parents share nearly three dozen winning tips and tricks for getting the family up and running every morning. Here’s a morning hack from a mother named Dorothy, for instance: “I use my daughter to wake my husband. How she does it? Totally up to her.” (Spoiler alert: It’s not gently.)

You Could Be The Reason Your Kid Quits | Parenting

parents at childrens sporting events

“According to the National Alliance for Youth Sports, 70 percent of all kids ages 12 to 14 will quit all sports, and sideline behavior by adults is a top contributing factor.”

We all get wrapped up in the game from time to time. And all parents want their kids to win and secretly cringe when they don’t. But this article asks if you’re THAT parent or coach at children’s sporting events.

China Discovers Winged, Feathered ‘Dragon’ Dinosaur | CNN

The kids will LOVE this! Heck, so will you! (What is it with our fascination with dragons, anyway?) In northeastern China, a donkey-sized dinosaur of the velociraptor family showed off its beautiful, but flightless, wings approximately 125 million years ago. Now, if only they could discover the Philosopher’s Stone and Atlantis . . .

New Seaweed Tastes Just Like Bacon When Fried | IFLScience

Tuned In Parents - Superfood Seaweed Tastes Like Bacon

If bacon was the main thing holding you back from converting to a meatless diet (so true for so many of us), then you’ll have to try this bacon seaweed with me! How crazy is it that when fried, this superfood algae called dulse tastes just like bacon? It’s like the earth is sending us some kind of message (hmm).

What You May Not Know About Your Child’s Car Seat | Baby Car Seat Installers

BCSI Car Seat Facts - Correct Car Seat Usage

You probably knew car seats were a good idea, or you’d just toss your child in the car and hope for the best. But did you know they can potentially cause more harm in accidents if your child is not strapped in correctly and/or if the seat is not installed just right? More than 3 out of 4 well-meaning parents and caregivers unknowingly get it wrong. As a result, approximately 75-80% of kids are riding around thinking they’re safe, when in fact they are not.

Parenting Tips: Car Seat Safety

Law enforcement and hospital emergency room staff agree that having your child’s car seat inspected by a certified child passenger safety technician is highly recommended. Inspections are often free and installations, affordable. Please look up your local car seat inspection provider today for your child’s sake and for your peace of mind.

Torrey Smith’s 1-Year-Old Son Doing “The Whip” | The Fumble

NFL player and proud papa, Torrey Smith, posted an adorable video of his one-year-old popping up and busting out dancing like “that’s my jam!” It’s like watching your inner child every time your favorite song surprises you. Here’s your viral parenting vid of the week!

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