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Tuned In Parents - Parenting News Roundup Week 8

We’ve rounded up newsworthy parenting stories, trends, vids, and tips for busy, tuned in parents. News for kids with asthma and eczema, the brand new controversial car seat, inspiring stories, humor, videos, and more!

Using Diet to Treat Asthma and Eczema | Nutrition Facts

If you or a loved one suffers from asthma and/or eczema, you’ll want to read about this study of the link between a plant-based diet and reducing the severity of asthma and eczema. That’s not all! The study found other health benefits related to a vegan diet that may surprise you.

11 Healthy Freezer Meal Preps That Will Simplify Your Life | New Leaf Wellness

Speaking of the link between healthy foods and healthy living, this meal prep post is heaven sent. For busy, health-conscious parents, it helps us save time while still providing our families with fresh, nutritious meals. Win-win!

Cursing Minion Happy Meal Toy Makes Mom Die Inside | USA Today

Have you seen or heard about the f-bomb minion at McDonald’s? While nearly 50 million Americans have a hard time feeding their families, the country is in a tizzy over a fast food toy whose gibberish, or “Minionese,” some interpret as a “bad word.”

Here’s a video by Paul B of the damnable thing. You be the judge. If you find it ridiculous, too, join me in donating to the food charity of your choice. 11 Facts About Hunger is a good place to start.

Melt Your Heart Wheelchair Swing | Smarter Every Day

Smarter Every Day posted an update on the touching video below (a family building a wheelchair swing and Mary riding it) this week. It now has safety rails, and Mary has got the swing of operating it herself! (Video by FunnerEveryDay)

27 Lies I Tell Myself to Get Through a Day of Parenting | My Life Suckers

Hilarious “lies” we all indulge in as parents. I like #8: “I only eat chocolate for the antioxidants.”

Volvo Introduces Controversial New Child Car Seat Concept | Huffington Post

If you think you can ignore tantrums or dodge flying sippy cups better from a toddler in the front seat, then you’ll love this new front car seat model!

Gluten-Free Foods are no Healthier Than Regular Foods, Study Finds | IFL Science

If you’ve read our post Parenting. Ha!, you’re probably chuckling to yourself about this one. Keep in mind that despite the findings that gluten-free may not mean healthier, a gluten allergy or sensitivity to gluten is another matter. Know the difference. If you’re unsure, talk to your doctor. Eat well, be well!

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