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Tuned In Parents - Parenting New Roundup Week 6

We’ve rounded up newsworthy parenting stories, trends, vids, and tips for busy, tuned in parents. This week’s viral videos, the summer’s hottest health mess, inspiring stories and more!

Rock Climbing Baby Scaled Walls Before She Could Walk | WorldStories

Please, don’t try this at home (especially the harness-free part). Her parents are both seasoned rock climbers, which explains this baby’s “spidey skills,” but still! See for yourself . . .


One-of-a-Kind School Gives Homeless Students a Leg Up | Huffington Post

Tuned In Parents - Students in computer lab

With the help of The Monarch School Program, a non-profit, homeless children attending Monarch School in San Diego are not denied an education like so many others in the US. Instead, these students are allowed to come in early to eat, bathe, and receive counseling. As a result, school attendance average is 93% and grades have risen from D-average to B-average. This is what happens when a village takes care of its children.

Hot Mess: The Grossest Health Concerns of Summer | CNN

Tuned In Parents - kids in pool

Best ways to keep the family healthy this summer in the germ-infested pool water, at home around mold-loving AC filters, at summer events while eating bacteria burgers and ice cream, and on the beach (more gross stuff). The article is actually more informative than the disgusting spin CNN puts on it (promise).

Making the Most of Your Time | The Daily Dad

Tuned In Parents - Father playing ball with son

Older fathers and kids agree: their common regret is not spending more time together when the kids were younger. Interestingly, the hours dads work and the time they spend with their kids don’t line up. The Daily Dad has tips for dads to make the most of the time they have with their kids. I think it’s great.

OCD in Children: Are you Missing the Signs? | Anxious Toddlers

Tuned In Parents - OCD in children

An informative article on the symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder in children. It busts many common myths about OCD while expanding parents’ understanding of their children’s behavior, anxious and otherwise. You won’t walk away from this without learning a thing or two.

When Saying “It’s Going to Be OK” Is Not OK | Living In Mommywood

Regarding parents and anxiety, when saying all the “right” things to calm someone you love can be so wrong; and how to effectively help. A personal and highly relatable account by mom blogger Mari Corona.

Little Girl and Her Pregnant Mom Dance Into Viral Video Fame This Week | YouTube, FAV Funny

Eight-months pregnant mom Nikki Taylor tells Huffington Post she and her six-year-old daughter, Jaylyn Gregory, were just making a home video while Mom was getting her pregnancy exercise. But when Nikki posted the video, it “blew up”! Approximately 20 million hits this week. Curious or want to smile all over again? Here it is!


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