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Tuned In Parents - Parenting News Roundup 5

We’ve rounded up newsworthy parenting stories, trends, vids, and tips for busy, tuned in parents. The best country in the world to raise kids, five myths about sugar, inspiring news for single parents and children of divorce, and more!

6 Tips for Single Parents to Raise Confident Kids | Educate and Empower Kids

Tuned In Parents - 6 Tips for Single Parents to Raise Confident Kids

It’s time we stop pressuring single parents and dooming kids of divorce. Read this article for inspiring statistics backed by research and parent-to-parent tips for single parents who strive to raise confident kids. It’s more than possible. With the effort of at least one loving parent, it’s probable.

Best Country in the World for Kids | Huffington Post

Tuned In Parents - Family biking Netherlands

UNICEF has scored Holland as the all around best country to raise kids. Some of the reasons include:

  • happy parents = happy kids;
  • parents spend time with their kids;
  • dads prioritize family time over work time; and
  • families eat meals together.
  • 5 Myths About Sugar That Everyone Needs to Stop Believing | Business Insider Science

    Google Now Allows You to “Unsend” Emails | Wired

    Parents in particular can appreciate Google’s “unsend” function. Between the kids’ constant interruptions, having too many tabs open in your brain, and suffering from chronic sleep deprivation, the unsend is a godsend!

    Best Apple Apps for Kids | Parental Journey

    photo shared by Juhan Sonin

    photo shared by Juhan Sonin

    I’m a huge advocate for getting those kiddos outdoors, but I’m also a realist. They can’t be outdoors all the time (no matter how much noise they make on the plane). This is a great list of apps that will keep them entertained and educated!

    Lego to Replace Plastic with Sustainable Materials | Time

    Tuned In Parents - Lego Replacing Plastic

    When you think about all the Lego pieces around the world, you realize that’s a scary amount of plastic! Therefore, Lego’s breaking eco could mean a major shift in environmental trends. (Fingers crossed the new materials don’t dig deeper into parents’ feet.)

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