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We’ve rounded up newsworthy parenting stories, trends, and tips for busy, tuned in parents. How to cope with a fatherless Father’s Day, healthy meal hacks, a study about picky eating being an eating disorder, and more!

Tuned In Parents - Parenting News Roundup

When Picky Eating Is Actually an Eating Disorder | Science Daily

Parents of extreme “picky eaters” will find this report fascinating.

“ARFID [Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder] is not just about picky eating . . . If left untreated, children and teens may be left with serious, long-term complications.” -Dr. Debra Katzman

Fatherless Father’s Day: Talking to Your Kid About His Absent Dad | Parenting

Tuned In Parents - single mother exercising with kids

The anticipation of Father’s Day, and the day itself — heck all year round — can be confusing and hurtful for many families of absent dads. This article has helpful tips for single moms and how to effectively communicate with children regarding their absent father.

Get More Sleep or Die | CNN

New study by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine reports adults need at least seven hours of sleep per night or risk adverse health hazards, such as heart attacks, diabetes, stroke, obesity, and more. (They had me at “Get More Sleep or Die.”)

Tip: Experts suggest you set an alternative alarm — one for going to sleep. It’s just as important as the one for waking up.

Sweet, Super Easy Baby Photo Project | Savvy Sweet Life

Tuned In Parents - Baby Photo Project Tips

If you’re expecting, or have a young baby, or know someone who is/does, you’ll love this savvy parenting tip by mom blogger Sharisse! It’s too simple and too cute not to do!

Infertility: From His Perspective | Little Blog On The Homestead

This is all at once a unique, heartwarming, and raw commentary on what it’s like for a family man to go through infertility. And it’s beautifully written. If you’re experiencing infertility or know someone who is, this will embrace you.

5 Hacks for Healthy Meals at Home | Life Of Meg

Delicious, informative, nutritious, easy, must-read! Did I mention delicious?

Finally, from all of us at Tuned In Parents, we want to wish everyone who fits this description — in the traditional sense and to everyone enriching a child’s life in the role of a father in any sense of the word — Happy Father’s Day!

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Thank you for being tuned in parents. We welcome your comments, suggestions, recipes, stories, and tips! There’s more for you, too, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!-Elle C.

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  1. Thanks so much again for featuring my monthly baby photos project in this roundup. After it was complete, I loved being able to see my little one’s growth over the course of his first year. It’s amazing how much they change in that time!

    • You’re welcome, Sharisse. I wish I had come across your baby photo project idea seven years ago! Hopefully, plenty of other parents will get the chance to record this rapid (and adorable) growth of their little ones. 🙂

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