8 Ways Water Can Improve Your Health Now

Did you know that more than half of your bodyweight is water? Another fun fact: The “drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day” rule is not true. It should be “drink eight 8-ounce glasses of liquids total per day” (Mayo Clinic). Here are 8 more excellent water facts . . . knowledge you can use to improve your health today plus a bonus at the end!

1. Water give you an energy boost.

Next time you or the kids are feeling tired, reach for a tall glass of water. Fatigue is often a symptom of dehydration. Hydrating can be a simple and salubrious solution!

2. Water hydrates muscles for physical stamina.

During exercise, play, house and yard work, even sex, drinking more water rehydrates your muscles and maintains important fluid balance lost by sweating. For best results, drink approximately two cups of water before physical activity and keep hydrating during physical exertion. Remember to “water” the kids before and during play and sports!

Tuned In Parents - Water contributes to radiant skin

3. Water gives you radiant skin.

Drinking water can have a cosmetic effect on your skin. Hydrating the skin gives it a younger, vibrant look. Dehydrated skin, well, has the opposite effect. But don’t overdo it! Water retention ain’t pretty! In all things moderation.

4. Water assists kidney function.

Water helps the kidneys remove toxins from your body — a most vital function. Without enough water, impurities can build up and cause host of health hazards.

Tuned In Parents - pregnant woman drinking water while lying on a sofa

5. Water promotes regularity. 

Stress, lack of time, processed foods, prescription drugs . . . a lot of things can “slow you down.” Okay, so everybody poops. And everybody wishes they could a little more from time to time, hence the booming market for regularity products. Unless you have a medical condition, try turning on your faucet instead of heading to the pharmacy. Hot water, cold water, water with cucumber or a spoonful of honey . . . whatever gets you to drink plenty of it. Make water a part of your regular routine and enjoy smooth living!

6. Water protects against heat-related illnesses.

In warm seasons and climates, staying properly hydrated is essential to your health. For children and the elderly, who are more at risk for heat-related illnesses and death, drinking enough water throughout the day is critical. And “enough water” may vary depending on heat exposure, activity, etc. Knowing the amount of water you and your loved ones need and meeting that need will keep your family on track for healthy fun in the sun!

7. Water helps with clearer thinking. 

A study of university students drinking water during an exam linked water consumption with higher grades. Water is brain food!

8. Water promotes weight-loss.

Though water is our source of life, there’s no ancient, metaphysical mystery behind its weight-loss properties. Simply put, drinking it makes you feel fuller and replaces higher-calorie beverages. For best results, drink water 30 minutes to an hour before meals.

Tuned In Parents - Dehydration headache

BONUS! Water can be a quick headache fix.

Another common symptom of dehydration (we mentioned fatigue earlier) is a headache. If you’ve been out in the sun or if you haven’t had hydrating fluids in a while, see if a glass of water or two alleviates your headache. This applies to hangovers, too. Water works wonders!

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  1. I started drinking more water quite a few years ago and I love it! I actually prefer water over any other drink. I do a lot of hiking and I was leaving my water behind because I couldn’t carry it. Now that I have my Flip Belt I can carry my water again and I actually hike longer now that I have my water with me 🙂

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