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We’ve rounded up newsworthy parenting stories, vids, trends, and tips for busy, tuned in parents. From a Florida hospital’s child mortality rate coverup to inspiring photos of creative parenting to social media marriages and more. Access it now!

Secret Child Deaths Uncovered at Florida Hospital | CNN

This is heartbreaking news that CNN broke as we were writing this round-up. A mother of a baby who died at St. Mary’s Medical Center comments to CNN, “There is no room for institutions that are lying to families to get them to offer up their babies as sacrificial lambs.”

Toddler Tantrums May Be Influenced by Their Gut Bacteria | IFLS

Studies indicate bacteria in the intestines of young children could be affecting their behavior, particularly that of young boys. According to Lisa Christian, an author of a study published in Science Direct, “There is substantial evidence that intestinal bacteria interact with stress hormones—the same hormones that have been implicated in chronic illnesses like obesity and asthma.” Click the title above to read on about the fascinating link between tantrums and tummy troubles.

These Parents Get an “A” for Creativity | Bored Panda
Bored Panda Bushelle screenshot

New York photographer Marc Bushelle and his wife Janine teach their five-year-old daughter about women in history through this cool portrait series! It’s a lesson she won’t soon forget and an inspirational education and parenting tip for the rest of us!

Study: Pharmeceuticals Kill More Teens Than Illegal Substances in U.S. | Reset

Prescription drug abuse claimed the lives of 23,000 teens in a single year. That’s twice the fatality rate of illegal substance overdose. The CDC calls it an “epidemic.” Access and teenage anxiety are just two among many contributing factors. Many families report being unaware of teen access and/or abuse.

TV Sends Kids to College | Hello Giggles

The Tuned In Parents Parenting News Round-Up - photo by tnssofrescreators of the popular science TV comedy show The Big Bang Theory make TV history by starting a scholarship fund! The Big Bang Theory Scholarship Endowment (valued at $4 million dollars) benefits low-income students entering science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields at UCLA. Now that’s just good TV!

Social Media Marriages | Dr. Laura

Tuned In Parents - Dr Laura Quote

Dr. Laura addresses the top reasons social media causes couples to split up.

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