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Tuned In Parents - One Lovely Blog AwardTuned In Parents was nominated for the ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD by Why Moms! It’s such an honor. Why Moms are three friends, Meg, Krissy, and Jamie, forged through motherhood who are “committed to finding meaning in the mundane.” Thanks again for the nomination, ladies!

7 Facts About Tuned In Parents (TiP)

1. TiP is a community, website, and blog founded in 2014 by Elle C. Mayberry.

2. Fun facts about Elle C.: She has seen Star Wars movies I – VI over 20 times, has called four countries home, and can do impressively useless stuff like recite passages of Canterbury Tales in Middle English. She has a chronic case of goofy-mom, and has swum with sharks twice . . . only once was it intentional.

3. Elle C. created TiP to connect parents, now in nearly 100 countries, through sharing knowledge, stories and humor, and to provide quality content and information on current parenting news, trends, education, child development, and health and wellness.

4. TiP is run by a dedicated team of volunteers — Elle C. (founder, writer, editor), Yari (contributor), Shan La (assistant, social media) — and tuned in parents everywhere!

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5. Due to fact #4, TiP is only made possible by the generosity of parents sharing knowledge, so it can be paid forward and circulated to a larger audience: a global community of parents.

6. True story: What one parent learns and shares here could help more families than he or she had ever imagined. Two (of many) examples are Monica M.’s story, Fighting Cancer with Food, and Courtney Vaughn’s story, Parenting with Mental Illness.

7. If you believe children are remarkable in that being mini versions of us, they make us want to be better versions of ourselves, then you’re a tuned in parent, too!

Tuned In Parents’ Nominees for the ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD

  1. The Parenting Skill
  2. A Fine Parent
  3. Living Nomad Style
  4. Parental Journey
  5. Working Mom Magic
  6. One Ruud Mom
  7. Stress Free Kids – Blog
  8. Welcome To My World
  9. A Bipolar Mom And Her Daily Life
  10. Peaceful Parents, Confident Kids
  11. The Daily Dad – Blog
  12. Life of Motherhood and Happiness
  13. Multiple Mayhem Mamma
  14. To Hab & To Hold
  15. Great Parenting Show – Blog

To the nominees: If you choose to accept your nomination, please comment below. Then, let us know when your One Lovely Blog Award post is up (the rules are posted below), so that we can read and comment.

Rules for Accepting the One Lovely Blog Award

1) Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
2) Add the One Lovely Blog badge to your post.
3) Share seven facts about yourself.
4) Nominate about 15 bloggers you admire by posting a comment on their blog.

We’re looking forward to engaging with you in support of your nomination!

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About TiP Team

Tuned In Parents (TiP) is run by a dedicated team of volunteers. TiP is primarily made possible by the generosity of parents like YOU paying it forward, sharing and circulating knowledge. Thanks for being tuned in parents. Keep sharing!

12 comments on “One Lovely Blog Award

    • No worries, Lori, lol. Still appreciate the work you do and will continue to share it and employ it in my own parenting. 🙂

  1. After reading this, I think Tuned In Parent is even more LOVELY than I knew. I love that you created it for parents to share ideas to help make families better! Elle C. you are quite the experienced and brave parent, sharks, yikes! I bet that and “the force” have made you a better mom. We can’t wait to learn more from all the
    parents here. Meg, Krissy, Jamie at

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