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We’ve rounded up newsworthy parenting stories, vids, trends, and helpful tips for busy, tuned in parents. From recognizing the dangers of delayed drowning to correcting education myths taught to our kids to debunking parenting stereotypes and more, access it now!

Dry Drowning vs. Delayed Drowning | WSBT-TV

According to the CDC, drowning is the fifth leading cause of injury death for children in the United States alone. However, a frightening number of parents are learning about the dangers of kids drowning long after toweling off.

Five Science Facts We Learnt in School That Are Plain Wrong | IFLS

Are schools teaching outdated information to our children? Short answer: YEP!

Take primary colors for example, we’re all taught red, blue, and yellow are primary colors because they cannot be derived from other colors, right? Fact: magenta + yellow = red; magenta + cyan = blue; etc. Unlearn four more major science myths!

How to Raise a Future Millionaire | Parental Journey

Practical tips for raising kids with monetary intelligence (MI) — nothing wrong with that!

Quirky Discipline Rules That Work | Parenting

“Rule #7: There’s no such thing as boredom
Goal: Prevent your child from saying “I’m bored”; teach her to entertain herself”

Mother and Son, Stolen as Child, Reunite 41 Years Later | CNN

Here’s a story that reminds us to hug our kids every day. The mother, Nelly Reyes, never gave up looking for her child, and her tireless search paid off. “I’m going to hug him every day. I love him so much,” she said after they rushed into each other’s arms as if a lifetime hadn’t passed.

Why Your Only Child Is Going To Be Just Fine | Yummy Mummy Club

If you’ve ever been pestered to have a second child; if you’ve been told that your child could “benefit” from a sibling; or if you’re on the fence about having a second child, this is for you! The seven sterotypes of only children and why they’re PURE fiction — educate your friends and family and ease your mind!

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