5 Tips to Help Kids Process Disasters Like the Nepal Earthquake

Ever feel parenting is one big pickle — caught between wanting to shelter your kids from harsh realities and preparing them for LIFE? Often these decisions are made for parents by the media and word of mouth, as in natural disasters like the Nepal earthquake, which has claimed 6,260 lives and counting (CBC News).

Hit with this news, children, particularly the younger ones, are bombarded with emotions, questions, fear, and uncertainty. At a time when Nepal’s tragedy is, unfortunately, becoming commonplace, how do parents help kids process it all while reassuring them they’re safe and secure?

Rescue teams reach communities in earthquake-hit, Chautara, Nepal - DFID UK AID, Creative Commons

Rescue teams reach communities in earthquake-hit, Chautara, Nepal – DFID UK AID, Creative Commons

5 Ways to Help Kids Understand Catastrophes Like the Nepal Earthquake and Teach Them the Power of Gratitude and Giving

  1. Ask them what they have heard. This way, you can clarify any misconceptions they may have.
  2. Explain the situation in age-appropriate terms.
  3. While acknowledging the tragedy of the situation, try focusing on the fact that your kids are safe and are in a position to help those in need.
  4. Brainstorm with them ways they can help (e.g., donating money, clothes, canned food, even drawing pictures to mail with donations — this is a very uplifting exercise for both the little sender and recipient.)
  5. To reassure them and promote the power of gratitude, ask the kids to think of five things for which they’re grateful. You can repeat this step whenever necessary.

“People will need considerable support including food, water, medical care and emergency shelter.”
~Jagan Chapagain, Red Cross

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References: CBC News
Nepal photo: DFID UK, Creative Commons

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  2. This is such great advice. I am happy my toddler is not old enough to ask questions. Gives me plenty of time to digest these tips for the future. Thank you for sharing at #mommymeetupmondays!

  3. Fantastic tips! It is so important to allow kids to process things like this in a healthy way and to teach them to contribute to society by helping those in need!

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