Vegan Lifestyle for Kids: Pros and Cons

My daughter is a die-hard carnivore, and I love my fish and dairy, but we, like other families of late, are side eyeing veganism. Five words make it more appealing with every trip to the grocery store: beef, the environment, the economy.

The quick and dirty: The consumption of beef and dairy products is eating away at our environment. Our oceans are dying, and healthy pork and chicken are costly, while their affordable counterparts are diseased and/or pumped full of . . . stuff. So, why not consider a change in diet and lifestyle?

Question is how does vegan living affect children? Is cutting out meat, fish, dairy, and eggs a risk to their development? What about vital nutrients, caloric intake, fuel for energy . . . ? Is a vegan diet alone sufficient to support healthy growing kids?

Pros and Cons of a Vegan Diet for Children

In this video interview, pediatric dietician Dr. Mary Jones Verbovski discusses the advantages and disadvantages of a vegan diet for developing children.

Though my family is still in the information-gathering phase and hasn’t made a decision to switch to vegetarianism or veganism yet, we are clearer on the issue regarding children and nutrition. It is possible, though there are risks. The key is know your foods; steadily introduce variety to stay healthy; and keep an open mind in case the kids want to switch back or convert gradually. And the same regimen is not always healthy for every member of the family (although, it’s far easier that way).

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