Convos with Kids: Taxes and Birthday Parties

Never talk taxes with a six-year-old. That was my first mistake. Things got weird. Then again, conversations with kindergarteners can lead to random epiphanies. Kids have that effect on us sometimes. They’re cool and quirky that way.

Tuned In Parents - Convos With Kids - Taxes and Birthday Parties

After having the above convo with my kinder, I thought, Rookie mistake. I’ve been working too hard for this kid. From now on, Mama is sleeping in more; she’s spending more of those funds spent on kids’ memberships to museums and centers on herself; she’s declaring the weekends birthday-party-free . . . ! And I went on planning how I would tone everything way down since my daughter hardly remembered anything I was going out of my way to do for her. I noticed other parents rushing their toddlers in and out of arboretums, aquariums, and museums and I pitied them. Poor overworked newbies. No one told them, either.

36 hours later, I realized what my daughter was actually saying, what our tax convo truly meant. And it didn’t bode well for my birthday-party-free weekends. All of the fun activities and field trips, the quality time, and the stimulating environment I had done my best to provide for her wasn’t for nothing, after all. She doesn’t remember half of it (despite an annoying amount of photos) because 1. she’s six, and (this is important) 2. it has gradually become her norm. Reality check: Kids will take for granted, to a degree, what they consider “the norm” — well, we all do.

Her “tax experience,” on the other hand, was contrary to her norm — it was quite abnormal. For her, then five years old, to sit still and silent in an office and witness the tax process for an hour and a half was a complete departure of what she was accustomed to. I believe that’s why it stuck out in her mind.

Big picture: All the little things (and big things) we do for our children add up to their childhood. And whatever becomes our children’s norm growing up will become their comfort zone in adulthood.

That’s the delayed light bulb moment I got from a silly convo with my kid on the way to “the green box place.” And I can live with that — the not sleeping in until she goes to college 11.5 years from now and the 104 birthday parties out of 52 weekends a year. But I just might take her with me annually to witness tax season as a reminder that her norm, her childhood, is damn good and should not be taken for granted. So far I haven’t had to mention the lobby in “the green box place” has drab, little toys year-round.

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-Elle C.

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  1. Love these ‘convos with kids’! It’s incredible what we can learn from kids when we really hear what they’re saying. Will be back for more.

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