33 Tips for Raising Happy Kids

Beautiful Schlopp Dr. Seuss Tuned In ParentsIf we strip it all down to the parenting essentials, we just want to keep our kids alive and not mess them up . . . too much. And, if we can manage to raise them into happy, healthy adults, then that’s beyond icing! That’s what Dr. Seuss would call “Beautiful schlopp with a cherry on top.”

Here are 33 helpful tips to get our kids that “beautiful schlopp” shared by Stress Free Kids and AAA State of Play!

33 Tips for Raising Happy Kids - shared by AAA State of Play

Terrific tips — a bit heavy on the play, but who doesn’t like to play? The tip that jumped out at me is one I struggle with all the time as a single parent: prioritizing my own happiness. It’s an easy concept to grasp intellectually, but not so easy to remember when I — and other parents (because it’s a common issue) — am straining to fill every role, patch every boo-boo, and work myself ragged making everyone else happy. Kids notice when we’re stressed or not taking care of ourselves. And I certainly don’t want my daughter picking up this bad habit.

Happiness, our own that is, should be at the top of the list. Let the joy flow from there! Great reminder.

What tip(s) stood out for you?

Thank you for being tuned in parents, and a special thanks to AAA State of Play for this informative infographic. I’m looking for more tips, quotes, parenting stories, and recipes to feature! So, send yours in, too!

-Elle C.

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Elle C. Mayberry is a mom and author, who just released a new children's book with her young daughter. With a passion for parenting and degrees in psychology and "make it workology," she created Tuned In Parents (TiP).

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  1. Tip 29 is one we’ve been focusing on in our household. Fostering independence and resilience is challenging on both ends. It’s hard to pretend to trust anyone under 4ft to do anything lol!

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