Your Latest Tip Jar Top Picks! Humor, Pics, Quotes and Quips

It’s tip jar time, featuring favorite quotes, pics, real kid quips, and anything that jumps out at us from what you’ve dropped into the “tip jar”! Others are faves shared on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages.

Let’s kick it off with convos with kids and real kid quips! Love these!

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NANA (age 85): Good morning!
KID (age 6): Wow! You’re still alive! I’m so proud of you!!

(Hilarious goddaughter of Trendy Bambini owner.)

KID: Only babies are a-supposta wear diapers, so why does
Grammy wear them, too?
MOM: (Laughs. Recovers. Explains the circle of life.)

(Amy C.’s observant kid in Seattle.)

KID: Why do I have to go to bed when I’m just going to get up again in the morning?
MOM: Good one. Goodnight.

(Shared by DIY Republic in Toronto.)

KID: I’m not a mammal, I’m a human!
MOM: Humans are mammals, baby.
KID: (gasp!) I’m an animal?!

(Shared by C. Noelle in Alhambra, CA.)

MOM: Why do skunks stink?
KID: To keep away creditors.
MOM: Predators.
KID: What are creditors?
MOM: A type of predator.

(Shared by N. Wong in Berlin.)

MOM: (minding her business)
KID: What’s the hold up? Why aren’t we rich yet?

(Shared by Candice H. in Los Angeles.)

I constantly find myself in absurd conversations with my kid, too. Here are two of our convos that I’d like to share with you.

KID: Why do some bees wear yellow jackets?
ME: (lol) That’s just a type of wasp.
KID: No, they probably wear them to blend in.

KID: What is evolution?
ME: Your great-great-great-…grandmother was a fish.
KID: Our pet fish is my grandma?!

KID: Grandpa, I cleaned the bowl for you.
GRANDPA: Without soap or water?
KID: I licked it.
GRANDPA: Are you a little boy or a little dishwasher?
KID: A little boy. . . . But I wish I was a dishwasher.

(Shared by an amused grandfather and his amusing grandson in Tulsa, OK.)

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Last, but not least, a few new parenting picture quotes that were received well in social media and are definitely worth sharing.

TiP focus on your child

TiP 9month journey

TiP child wants YOU

Wasn’t that a great tip jar? Funny, funny kids! If any of the above made you smile, laugh, and/or think, good! Sharing has that effect.

Thank you for being tuned in parents and a special thanks for those who contributed to the “tip jar”. Please, keep it coming! Your comments, suggestions, tips, and participation are also most welcome here and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!
-Elle C.

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