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Hit the reset button! Today is the first day of the rest of your life! What do you want your life to look like tomorrow? Go get it!” -Jeremy Bedell

Jeremy Bedell’s charge is the basis of why he started Reset. Last week, we met Tuned in Parent Jeremy and learned about his inspirational fitness journey and how his own path led him to carve trails for others to follow suit. Jeremy lost 75 pounds in six months, transforming his life through nutrition and exercise, and now he trains men and women four days a week in an intense 12-week bootcamp class called Reset.

However, it’s common to feel as though weight-loss or fitness goals are elusive dreams only bestowed on the lucky and genetically fortunate few. Often, resolutions made year after year to lose weight and/or eat better are worn down by daily responsibilities and, well, life! Procrastination turns days and weeks into months and years of unaccomplished goals, and just the mere thought of making the changes you know you need to foster can seem overwhelming! The truth is that until you make a conscious decision to change and back that decision with deliberate and intentional action that supports measurable and achievable goals, that change will not come to fruition.

In this video shot in 2011, Jeremy, a parent himself, talks about the pivotal decision that would change not only his life but that of hundreds who would eventually pass through Reset. Check out his transformative story!

Here are some helpful and attainable tips from Jeremy that can help you achieve your own nutritional, fitness, and weight-loss goals!

Have a Plan. Jeremy says that one of the first keys to success with your nutrition is to plan, plan, plan! Planning your food and being prepared may take some effort at first before you make it a natural part of your regimen, but it saves time and energy in the long run. For Jeremy who followed the Paleo diet, it meant eating clean, which comprised of lean meats, vegetables and fruits, and nuts and seeds. With the correct foods in reach (and the unhealthy ones not), it was easy for him to build smart meals without worrying about counting calories. It was the quality of food that he emphasized, and giving his body the fuel it needed, that translated into results. For some pointers on meal planning, check out our meal planning article, which can make meal planning a reality even for busy parents!

If You’re Hungry, Eat! Jeremy’s second tip to being successful with your nutrition is to not allow yourself to go hungry for long! Ignoring your body’s natural alert that you need fuel will result in your over indulging and choosing the wrong foods when you do decide to heed the grumbling from your stomach. Eat when you are hungry, and with the first step in place, you’ll be reaching for the right foods each and every time.


One Meal At A Time, One Day At A Time. In his Reset training sessions, Jeremy encourages participants to just take it “one rep at a time,” when he sees them growing fatigued. He understands that taking on a challenge like a burpee sprint, for instance, can seem daunting, but is manageable when you take it one rep at a time and devote your energy into giving each burpee your best effort. The same principle applies to nutrition: holding yourself accountable and diligent to each meal as it comes is the key to being successful.

“It’s one meal at a time, one day at a time. You’re going to wake up in one month, two months, three months and go, ‘Man look at me, how did I get here?’ It doesn’t happen overnight. It happens one meal at a time. Chose well today. It’s not a diet!” – Jeremy

Don’t Sabotage Yourself. With the holidays approaching, be even more deliberate when thinking of your meals. Know in advance when your holiday parties will be held or when you will be having family or guests over for dinner, and have a plan of attack, so to speak. Be in control of what you eat during these times. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having your own array of delicious and healthy delicacies to enjoy while everyone else indulges in their own, but this step is only attainable if you take care of the previous one and plan ahead!

Get out in front of it. What got you out in front is what is going to keep you in front.” – Jeremy

Don’t Play The Comparison Game. Nothing can take the wind out of your sails like comparing your progress to that of another’s. Although Jeremy has made significant strides in his own life through fitness and nutrition, he seriously cautions against pride, saying in his sessions,”Check your pride at the door!” It’s a two-sided vice that will stunt your growth either because you  believe you’re good enough and don’t need to improve, or that you’re worse off than your neighbor and shouldn’t make an effort to become better at all!


Regarding training he believes that there’s only one way to get better: to do your best every single time. How does this apply to you? Don’t allow your seeming lack of progress — or your progress up to this point — paralyze you from fitness decisions each and every time. Give your best effort to your workout today, forgetting about yesterday’s or worrying about tomorrow’s. Today’s workout — each rep and set — is what matters, so give it your all! You’ll have the rest of the day to pat yourself on the back knowing that you gave your best effort!

Get Your Mind Right! There’s a saying, “There are two types of people in this world: Those who think they can, and those who think they can’t. They’re both right!” The mind is a powerful thing and can be your best friend or your worst enemy when it comes to fitness. If you are struggling during your workouts, take this page from Jeremy’s Reset playbook!

The reasons that people stop during a workout aren’t because of physical reasons. They stop because of their mental capacity. People are shortsighted a lot with fitness because they may not like a certain workout or certain movements. They may have had a rough day and they may be thinking, ‘I don’t want to be here,’ and they’ve forgotten why they’re there.  But if you put forth your best effort, you’ll be one step closer to your destiny than when you got there. It’s all mental; it’s not physical. You just tell yourself to do stuff. Your body is just going along for the ride, but it’s your mind that’s directing it. And so in this moment, where does your mind need to be? Position your mind to get your goal, because I know from experience that when you achieve it, you get to live the rest of your day with that achievement in your book. And if you fall short of your goal but you put it all out there, you get to live with that achievement too!

Make It Count. Too often when we may stray from our exercise or nutrition plan; we allow a mere setback to set off a domino effect of chaos! If you had a less-than-responsible breakfast, don’t use that as the springboard for even more bad decisions during the rest of your day. One bad meal doesn’t mean you need have a culinary breakdown! Make the snacks and meals that follow count, giving an even more diligent effort to get right back on track, not tomorrow, not Monday, but right now at your next meal! Not only will your body benefit, but you can enjoy the boost to your confidence in knowing that despite a rocky patch, you caught yourself and stayed right on track! Kuddos to you!



To Weigh, or Not to Weigh? Having a weight-loss goal is important as a measurable metric to guage your progress, but don’t allow it to become an obsession that derails your progress if those numbers aren’t diving as fast as you’d like! With muscle being denser than fat, one pound of lean muscle takes up less space than one pound of its bulkier counterpart. Therefore, pay attention to how your clothes fit and how you feel when you move. Seeing your body lose inches is a great motivator, even during the times that the pesky scale won’t budge because you can’t deny that a shrinking waistline is indeed progress!

“I believe that people are in bondage to the scale. I believe they’re looking at this number and going, ‘Well I gotta get to this number. I gotta weigh this amount. I only lost one pound this week.’ Throw all that out! You’re going to be a good healthy weight! Don’t worry about the number on the scale! It’s gonna be a good number if you commit. Just do what you know to do today, and you’re going to get the result you want.” – Jeremy

 Get Accountability. When Jeremy started Reset and offered it at no cost, he told the three guys he started with, “Here’s what we’ll do. I’ll help you for free unless you don’t show up. If you miss a day, I’ll charge you $25.” People may think this concept strange, but accountability is at the heart of Reset and it’s why Jeremy continues to show up day after day and week after week. In order to remain successful with your workouts and your nutrition, you must establish a system of accountability that will keep you devoted to your plan and that would render consequences should you deviate. Giving a friend or family member a detailed description of your goals and your plan of action is a great first step, but going one step further is critical. Agree on consequences that you should face if you don’t act out your plan. This is not a punishment; its is merely a responsible response to your actions.

For example, I told a friend that if I ate rice and butter (my comfort food ever since I was a child), I would have to drop and do 20 burpees. I haven’t had rice and butter since! You can assume that I don’t enjoy doing burpees and you would be right! Anyway, you get my point. Having a system of accountability is key to keeping you on track!

“Accountability is if you don’t pay your light bill, they turn your lights off. That’s accountability. Accountability is if you don’t start eating right, you’re going to die from heart disease or something else. That’s accountability. Accountability is if you don’t show up, you’re going to pay for it. Without real accountability, people don’t win.”- Jeremy

imageDecide to Commit! You HAVE to make a decision, and it has to be YOUR decision. This can’t be a decision that someone else makes for you, or one that you’ve adopted and gleaned from the opinions of others. This decision to lose weight, eat better, to work out, to become fitter, stronger, or healthier has to be yours. Once you’ve finally decided that you’ve had enough of where you are now and are determined to become someone different, in that place of reckoning, that is the place where you must make the commitment! It really doesn’t matter what your reason is, as long as you can hold that reason in front of you and allow it to drive you toward your goal!  For Jeremy, he wanted to become a better husband, father, neighbor, friend.

“I made this decision to commit … it took one decision … the decision to go! I’m gonna do it! I’m gonna make the decision to commit to four days a week; I’m gonna make the decision to commit to eating healthy. When you make the decision, it eliminates the options!” – Jeremy

For all that Jeremy has accomplished, he credits his personal faith for his success and contentment in everything that he does, which is why scripture remains at the heart of his Reset program, new sessions beginning January 5th, and of his life.

“The apostle Paul said, ‘I put all my effort in this one thing – forgetting the past and pressing forward.’ We always think it’s forgetting all the past mistakes and failures. No it’s also forgetting all your past achievements. Who cares where you’ve been? It’s behind you now. Let’s take what we learned from the bad and what we accomplished in the good. I press toward everything God has called me to be. I press toward being a better dad. I press toward being a better husband. I press toward being a better coach. Being a better physical individual. I press toward being a better friend, a better neighbor. When it snows this winter I want to have enough energy to shovel my own driveway, then I want to have enough energy to shovel my neighbor’s driveway. But I have to have good fitness in order to do both!” – Jeremy

Thank you for being tuned in parents and a special thanks to Jeremy for sharing his life lessons and family with us! Your comments, suggestions, stories, and more parenting tips are most welcome! And there’s more for you, too, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!


weight-loss and training photos: screenshots from video above Jeremy Bedell on Next Generation Crossfit, Vimeo

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