Teaching Kids Positive Self-Talk

imageA child will eventually internalize anything he is told over and over, whether positive or negative. Repetition is powerful. And the way a child is taught to think, especially about himself, will color his perception of the world and everything and everyone in it, affecting his thoughts, emotions, and behavior for the rest of his life.

Thus, what a child hears over and over and a child’s self-image go hand-in-hand. This is where self-talk comes into play. And it’s up to us parents to do the best we can to speak to our children in the way that we want them to mimic their own self-talk. Of course in order to do that we ourselves have to employ positive self-talk.

A supplemental way to teach kids positive self-talk, positive thinking, and boost self-confidence is to recite personal affirmative sayings at the start of each day. I call them personal mantras for lack of a better term. It’s great when you can collaborate with your child and come up with a few of them that personally speak to him or her in that phase. My daughter and I are working on gratitude now. And this is her current daily mantra, as shared in yesterday’s guest post, “Tips for Teaching Kids Gratitude,” on To Hab & To Hold.


There’s a reason why athletes use repetitive positive sayings to push through to victory; sales managers use it to excite their teams to hit their marketing goals; and motivational speakers teach this technique to help inspire positive change in people’s lives: what we say to ourselves over and over becomes our reality. And we have the tools necessary to give our kids an early advantage.

If you liked this tip, there are seven more in “Tips for Teaching Kids Gratitude” — just perfect for this time of year, wouldn’t you say?

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-Elle C.


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