Fun Facts: Major Brain Myths!


For an intellectually superior species, we sure have some silly brain myths that we insist on perpetuating despite decades of scientific progress. The following are among the most popular brain myths you do not want to pass on to your kids.

Fun Facts: Major Brain Myths

We only use 10% of our brains.

Myth. No one knows exactly who started this one, but it’s a WHOPPER of a lie that most of us have been sold at one point or another. Anyone that insists on using only 10% of their brain would have to give away 90% of it first.

Left Brain, Artistic Type / Right Brain, Analytical Type

Yeah, that’s a myth. While some functions may favor one hemisphere over the other, they still require the use of both sides to complete tasks. And should an entire hemisphere sustain damage, the brain can reorganize itself and fully function with just one hemisphere. Which is pretty amazing and completely ruins all those snazzy left-brain-right-brain campaign ads.

Classical Music Stimulates Babies’ Brains.

I totally fell for this myth as a new mom. But I’m OK with that, and here’s why: my kid loves classical music now. I’m not OK with how many educators and authority figures perpetuate this myth, however, claiming certain music stimulates the formation of synapses in the brain. They make it sound good, right? (I think a brilliant classical music sales person was behind the whole thing.)

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photo: Right Brain – ajeofj3, Creative Commons

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