Meet Tuned In Parent Dawn Mucci

imageMeet tuned in parent Dawn Mucci! Ever dream of turning one of your parenting ah-ha! moments into a booming business that helps other parents in your situation? Well, Dawn did! And the fact that she wasted no time following through paid off BIG time.

In 2002, Dawn founded Lice Squad, a company dedicated to helping parents and teachers treat lice using environmentally friendly services and products. She was inspired when her imageson came home from daycare with head lice and unknowingly gave them to her. At the time, she “freaked out” and couldn’t find a service to help her rid her family of the creepy crawlies. It wasn’t long before she opened her first Lice Squad location in Toronto. Now, Dawn’s “parenting ah-ha! moment” is a major franchise corporation all across Canada and is currently expanding into Spain, Australia, and the U.S.

imageDawn’s brilliant bug business has been featured in major books, magazines, TV, and online publications, including The Discovery Channel, Slice, The Mom Show, Real Parenting, CTV, Mompreneur, The Health Journal, Today’s Parent, and And today, as a fellow tuned in parent, Dawn’s sharing her story, offering business opportunities to other tuned in parents, and getting down to the nitty gritty about something we with wee ones worry about: head lice.

Lice: Fact vs. Fiction

Dawn sets the record straight on the stigma and misinformation about lice.

  • Fact: Lice love thick, clean, long hair.
  • Fact: Lice eggs (or nits) are never white.
  • Fact: Healthcare professionals regard lice as little more than a “common nuisance.”
  • Fact: Head lice may affect 2.4 million Canadians and approximately 7 million Americans annually.


  • Fiction: Lice carry disease.
  • Fiction: Lice hop, jump, and fly.
  • Fiction: If a person has lice, it means they have poor personal hygiene.
  • Fiction: Lice treatments with harmful pesticides are more effective.

Dawn’s Tips: Effective, Toxic-Free & Environmentally-Safe Lice Treatments

    1. Enzyme shampoo + lice comb: Instead of over-the-counter shampoos full of pesticides — which are not recommended for children or the environment, especially if used repeatedly — use a pesticide-free, environmentally friendly enzyme shampoo that dissolves the outer protective layer of lice. Then use a quality lice comb to remove nits. Safe and effective.
    2. Soaking hair in certain oils: Yes, this particular home remedy does work (unlike many others floating around on the web) when done properly. Using olive or coconut oil, saturate hair from scalp to ends for at least four hours — better if overnight. This smothers the lice. Then remove nits with lice comb.
    3. Electronic lice zappers: OK, that just sounds cool. Heat applied by one of the Lice Squad professionals using a special medical device is very effective. According to the website, the device dehydrates the lice with enough heat to kill them at a rate of 99.2 per cent, after which the nits are removed with a lice comb.


  1. Comb, comb, then comb again!: Sometimes good old-fashioned methods are called “good” and “old” for a reason. Dawn stresses the importance of a quality lice comb for effective reduction combing, which she says is an effective method of getting rid of lice. Though, it may take longer than the above methods.


Lice Squad products are available online and by phone. U.S. residents can place orders by calling 1-888-542-3778. And one dollar from every Premium Nit Kit sold goes to the Children’s Aid Foundation.

Dawn Is Looking for Enterprising Parents to Open New Lice Squad Franchises!


Whether you’re in Canada, the U.S., Spain, or Australia, inquire here to start a Lice Squad franchise!

I hope you found Dawn’s journey from mom who needed a lice solution to mompreneur of a major franchise corporation motivational; and her non-toxic and environmentally safe treatment tips, plus her efforts to bust the myths and social stigma associated with lice, helpful and informative!

image“Having lice makes you human. The stigma only comes from those who can’t accept or respect that.” ~Dawn Mucci – founder, Lice Squad

Thank you for being tuned in parents. I welcome your comments, suggestions, stories, and tips! There’s more for you, too, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!

-Elle C.

photos: Lice Squad and CTV News

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