It Pays to Teach Your Child German


How is your child’s college fund coming along? According to, a U.S. four-year degree in 2025 is estimated to cost a whopping $158,872.19! And how many kids do you have? Yeah. How’s that college fund looking now?

What if your kid(s) could go to university free in Germany? Well, they can. Public German universities are now tuition-free . . . for everyone, not just German citizens. Can anyone say, “Danke, Deutschland!”?

For those of you who are familiar with the European education system, you may prefer it. I do! My daughter and I loved the German kindergarten when we were over there, and I loved the university level when I studied imageabroad. I still have her German language books and Little Pim German language DVDs in storage, which I now plan to dust off. Germany is beautiful, folks, and studying abroad is a life-changing experience that I feel very lucky to have had.

However, it’s not for everyone. There are some factors to consider. Two major differences between U.S. and German (well, most European) universities are 1) in Germany, they are more study-focused without that iconic college-life experience we’re used to stateside; and 2) most of the students still live at home; so, forget about bubble dorm life; you’re best bet would be shared apartments or a family that hosts exchange students (which is not free, but compared to what you’re saving, it’s still pretty good).

imageAlthough some German universities are offering English-language programs, you don’t want to send the kids there without knowing the language. And German is not easy, regardless of the fact that English is a Germanic language. The good news is that children are adept at learning languages. Therefore, the sooner you teach them, the better! It’s up to us parents — whether we want to teach them German, Spanish, French, Mandarin — to afford them the opportunity, tools, and discipline.

The best news is that parents could potentially save upwards of $150K per child, while offering them a foreign language and an amazing study abroad experience! Das ist schön!


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