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Meet tuned in parent Lanisha Kelly! She’s a vibrant person who’s an outgoing mother, wife, teacher, and now mompreneur. Lanisha has no problem keeping up with her two active school-age kids. She’s usually on the go, refreshing drink in hand, zipping the them off to baseball, T-ball, ballet, and to the beach, museums, birthday parties, family events, and the list just goes on. I had to pick her brain to find out how she manages to do it all. And it was as I suspected, Lanisha has a few tricks up her sleeve for making it work.

Children First

This one is easy. Yet, you’d be surprised how many parents get so tied up trying to provide for their kids that they lose sight of what’s most important: being there for them. Lanisha cherishes her time with her (oh-so-cute) children. And, she’ll admit, they’re her main source of strength. (It’s ironic how kids are simultaneously little energy-zappers. Life’s loveable way of keeping things interesting, perhaps.)

Daily Fulfillment

Lanisha is a curriculum coach for secondary educators with a Master’s degree in Educational Administration and 12 years teaching experience in inner city high schools. She invested in her own higher education, which was a personal goal of hers. And she’s the type of teacher that invests a great deal of herself into the education of her students, even if it challenges the balance of her other responsibilities. Why? Because she loves what she does, believes in it, and finds purpose and fulfilment through it. Nevertheless, this comes at a price, as most things worth anything do.

“My biggest challenge is balancing family and work life,” she says. And it’s not at all surprising. It’s an ongoing issue faced by most working mothers and fathers, as well, who are taking on more responsibilities in the home. However, what’s most impressive about Lanisha is not only how she still manages to excel in her education career — she was recently promoted, by the way — or how much time she spends with her children, but also her dedication to self-care.


Self-care is vital for successful, busy working moms and mompreneurs. Too often mothers sacrifice caring for themselves to care for others. It’s just in our nature. However, it can’t be stressed enough that setting aside time to care for yourself makes you more effective all around.

Lanisha gets it. She regularly goes to the gym; she practices yoga; she travels; and she socializes with friends — with and without the kids (emphasis on the without part). And she reaps the emotional and physical benefits from it all. That’s the way to do it!

imageDreaming and Making It Happen

Without dreams, life has no color; but without action, dreams have no life. Lanisha is a woman of action, no doubt. She dreamed of more, of more income and of running her own business — one that wouldn’t disrupt her career or the time she cherishes with her children.

“I became a stylist with Stella and Dot because I love the freedom and flexibility it offers. As a mother it allows me to control by business and still have time to spend with my family…. and the jewels, accessories and bags are fabulous!!!” ~Lanisha Kelly

Personal Growth

Stagnation of the mind, one’s family life, one’s career is a fast and sure way to suffocate motivation and stunt success. Lanisha believes in staying hungry for personal growth. She’s open to daily improvement in all areas of her life.

When asked specifically about how she’s growing as a mompreneur, she replied, “Stella and Dot is a fun way to supplement income, develop my business skills and connect with other strong and stylish women. I love to travel! It’s the best way to gain perspective, build empathy for others and learn things that you could never learn in a classroom. [Owning my own business] allows me to share great experiences around the world with my children.”

Helping Others

If you’re ever in the position to help someone, help them! And if you’re a woman and have the opportunity to put down or lift up another woman, your decision ultimately determines how much you value yourself as a woman.

imageLanisha is the type of woman that helps others. And she invites you to join her and Stella & Dot in promoting Breast Cancer awareness and research! ALL of the proceeds from the stunning Strength and Inspire Bracelets go directly to the Noreen Fraser Foundation. What a beautiful way to show your support and donate to a very worthy cause! Click here to learn more.

And there you have it! Tips for super busy working parents: putting the kids first, finding fulfillment every day, prioritizing self-care, chasing dreams with action, resisting stagnation, and helping others. Now that’s something I can work with!

Please show your support for another hard-working parent and check out Lanisha at Stella and Dot! She’ll take good care of you!

Thank you for being tuned in parents. I welcome your comments, suggestions, and tips! There’s more for you, too, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!

-Elle C.

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