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We’re all familiar with flash cards and how helpful they can be for kids learning how to identify colors, objects; learning how to spell, add, subtract, and so on. In fact, we still use them in the form of note cards for higher learning, business presentations, and even wedding vows, don’t we?

Flash cards are great. Okay. But there’s more. Remember in high school and college when you spent so much time making your study cards for an exam that you actually retained the information and didn’t even need them, after all? This is the point of today’s tip, which is super straight forward.


Encouraging children to make their own flash cards, as opposed to passively looking at them, engages them more and cognitively stimulates them on multiple levels! They have to interpret the cards, draw and color the pictures, match them with the words, trace or write the words on the back of their illustrated note cards; all of which facilitate retention of the information. (Note: For children learning to write, you may want write the corresponding words in dotted print for them to trace, and they can then practice reading by matching them with the pictures! Whatever works best for them at their learning level.)

It’s fun to set this up as an arts and crafts session for you and your child to do together! And when it’s time to do periodic review using the flash cards, your child should get a kick out of seeing her drawings and writing, not even realizing she’s learning and retaining more information faster because she made her own learning tools.

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