Family Word Snacks: Conflagration & Combustion



conflagration: [kahn-fluh-grey-shuhn] (n) a large destructive fire

in a sentence: Many Southern Californian families were left homeless after the drought and record heat waves caused another conflagration to claim more of their towns.


combustion: [kəm-buhs-tʃən] (n) 1. explosion. 2. an eruption into violence

in a sentence: Scooby Doo and the gang have narrowly avoided thousands of combustions on TV.

Can’t you imagine them saying something like this . . . ?
BOOM! “Yikes! Like, we were almost toast!” said Shaggy.
“Yeah!” said Scooby. “But the smoke from the combustion kinda makes me hungry for barbeque!”

Ahh, Scoobs, good times.

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-Elle C.

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