3 Tips to Help Your Child Excel in Math


Now that school is back in full swing, this next set of tips from the tip jar is truly timely. Tuned in parent Claudette D. Smith — a high school math teacher with a Master’s degree — shares a few pointers with parents how to help kids excel in the notoriously “tricky” subject.

1. Do your best not to let your child fall behind in math. This is key because in Claudette’s experience, “in general, kids like math when they understand math.” If they’re young, great; never too early to get a head start. If they’re older and struggling, keep reading . . .


2. For students who are struggling in math, tutoring is a great way to get them back on track. Claudette recommends Khan Academy for their extensive online tutorials for virtually every learning level. It’s an excellent way to intervene when a child needs a little extra help. He or she will usually grow fond of math once the tutoring boosts understanding and confidence!

3. Make sure your child practices math every day. Claudette says, “I regularly tell my students math is a subject of discipline.” And without that discipline, students tend to fall behind again and struggle once more. It’s not only a matter of discipline for the kids but for the parents, too. They do follow parents’ example, after all!


Thank you for being tuned in parents, and a special thanks to Claudette D. Smith for sharing! I welcome your comments, suggestions, and more tips — let’s keep the sharing going! There’s more for you, too, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!

-Elle C.

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