Family Word Snacks: Desultory & Erratic


According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the English language has an estimated one million words. However, no one can be sure because it’s constantly expanding.


desultory: [des-uhl-tohr-ee] (a) 1. lacking in consistency; disconnected; unfocused. 2. veering off topic; random

in a sentence: I hate getting stuck on the phone in one of those one-sided desultory conversations that jump from one topic to the next with so many characters popping in and out that you feel you’ve landed in a Muppet movie.


erratic: [i-ra-tik] (a) 1. having no fixed course. 2. lacking in consistency.

in a sentence: The coach knew something was wrong when one of her runners wandered off the track and started walking around in an erratic fashion.

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-Elle C.

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