Family Word Snacks: Virago & Virtue



virago: [vi-rah-goh, -rey-] (n) 1. loud, scolding, bad-tempered woman. 2. (archaic) a strong, courageous woman

in a sentence: It is curious that the word virago has devolved from defining a strong, brave woman into an over-bearing shrew. (And by “curious” I mean indicative of how society views the former — shame.)


virtue: (n) behavior showing high moral standards; action that shows you’re a good person

in a sentence: When Sally saw her friend had forgotten his lunch, she shared half of hers with him. This shows that generosity and compassion are virtues of Sally’s because she gave a friend half of her own food when he was hungry.

Soon we’ll have quizzes for our Family Word Snacks to keep you sharp!

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-Elle C.

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