Meet Tuned In Parent Claudette D. Smith


Meet Tuned In Parent Claudette D. Smith! A true go-getter and a mountain-moving force to be reckoned with she is! A family woman through and through, Claudette and her husband enjoy the thrills their adorable and sometimes too-smart toddler brings non-stop. Other than being a full-time wife and mother . . .

She’s a Mary Kay senior beauty consultant, a dedicated high school Geometry and AP Statistics teacher (with a Master’s degree), and — in her spare time — Claudette’s an award-winning cheerleading coach. To think that this is all one person (I’m still stuck on the high school advanced math part — couldn’t even do that as a student, never mind as a mom with two other jobs).

The thing about Claudette is — well, there are three things. First, her attitude: Confidence and a positive outlook go a long way. You can go all the way if you back it up with consistent hard work. Second, but not secondary, is her support system. She’s got a a large, united network of family and friends that rally around her and support her endeavors. We all know what a difference that makes. And third, she’s as down to earth as they come (again, how she keeps her sanity teaching high schoolers and dealing with the parents, too, is beyond me; but I digress). In everything we do and aspire to do, the most important, challenging, and rewarding will always be parenting. Perhaps that’s the bottom line to successfully juggling so much, keeping our feet on the ground and our priorities balanced.

Claudette dons her senior beauty consultant hat to share an interesting health and beauty tip.

Did you know that it is unhealthy to use mascara longer than three months? Old mascara has been linked to recurring eye infections. And if you’re a mom of young children, you don’t need any more of those!

Claudette offers free new mascara!

It’s hard to toss a tube that’s still got plenty of eyelash enhancing goodness in it. So, that’s why there’s Mary Kay Mascara Club! To encourage the healthy use of mascara, Claudette has a promotion where she’ll send you a new one every three months, and once you’ve ordered three, you get the fourth one free! No more eye infections and you get free stuff. Not bad!


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-Elle C.

About Elle C. Mayberry

Elle C. Mayberry is a mom and author, who just released a new children's book with her young daughter. With a passion for parenting and degrees in psychology and "make it workology," she created Tuned In Parents (TiP).

2 comments on “Meet Tuned In Parent Claudette D. Smith

  1. Really relate to part about keeping feet on ground and priorities in line may be key to freeing us up to going after parenting and personal goals. And I’m throwing away all my wife’s old mascara. Lol! Looking forward to your next article.

    • Daniel, yes! Thanks for your unwavering Facebook support, btw. And glad to see you here, too. A word of caution: You may want to order new replacements from Claudette before you toss your wife’s mascara. Just sayin’.

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