Family Word Snacks: Umbrageous & Testy

Ever see a photo and/or read a provocative word and it inspires something creative in you? Well, as I was posting today’s Family Word Snacks, the combination of the word umbrageous and this picture of an evocative tree did just that. Add a smattering of stream of consciousness and you get the impromptu poem below.

Tuned In Parents - word of the day "umbrageous"

Bet you’ll not soon forget today’s word! But just for continuity, we’ll go ahead and define it as usual.


umbrageous: [uhm-brey-juh s] (a) 1. creating or providing shade; shady. 2. apt to take offense.

in a sentence: The two young lovers rendezvoused under the broad umbrageous tree, stealing sweet summer kisses in its cool, abundant shade.


testy: (a) easily irritated; quick-tempered; somewhat ill-tempered

in a sentence: After skipping his nap, little Kevin was quite testy, fussing at every single thing.

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-Elle C.

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Elle C. Mayberry is a mom and author, who just released a new children's book with her young daughter. With a passion for parenting and degrees in psychology and "make it workology," she created Tuned In Parents (TiP).

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