Tip of the Day: The Booster Seat Rush

Tuned In Parents - Booster Seat Rush

With each milestone, it’s tempting to rush to conquer the next. With car and booster seats, however, to rush is to be rash. Certified child passenger safety technician and owner of Baby Car Seat Installers, Mohammad Bhorat, reminds safety-conscious parents that the five-point harness system provides more support for children who still meet the height and weight requirements of car seats. And if your child has outgrown his current forward-facing seat, try to find one with a higher height/weight limit before rushing to purchase a booster seat.

Here are some guidelines provided by NannyPro to help you make an informed decision about when your child is ready for a booster seat:

  • Is there a shoulder/lap belt available to install the booster seat?
  • Can your child sit in a booster seat without leaning forward or sitting on his knees?
  • Is your child at least 40 lbs?
  • Is your child mature enough to remain safely in the booster seat?
  • Does your child no longer comfortably fit in the five-point harness, even one with a higher height/weight limit? Then it’s time to try out booster seats.

If your little one is between stages, consider convertible car seats that transition to booster seats when your child is ready. And if and when your child is ready, here are eight booster seat tips to keep growing kids safe!

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