Family Word Snacks: Parenting Phobias


“Lucy: Do you think you have Pantophobia, Charlie Brown?
Charlie: I don’t know, what is pantophobia?
Lucy: The fear of Everything.
Charlie: THAT’S IT!!!”
― Charles M. Schulz

Common Parenting Phobias:

  • trypanophobia: fear of needles or inoculations
  • astraphobia: fear of thunder and lightening
  • ataxophobia: fear of disorder or untidiness (this tends to wear off)
  • dystychiphobia: fear of accidents
  • nyctophobia: fear of the dark
  • obesophobia: fear of gaining weight
  • ephebiphobia: fear of teenagers

I like that last one. Do and yours have any fun (or not so fun) phobias? I had thought my arachnophobia was in check . . . until last night. To be fair, this was no ordinary spider — must have been a science experiment or something (huge!). I made a fool of myself in front of my daughter, who — after she recovered her senses — asked me over and over, “Mom, why did you scare me like that? Why?” What could I say? Phobias are irrational, right? Still. It’s good she has a regular reminder that I’m oh-so-very-flawed. It’s also good I can laugh at my silly self (still laughing — there may have been a “freak out dance” of sorts).

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-Elle C.


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