Family Word Snacks: Éclat & Synonyms for “Awesome”

“Learn your language well and command it well, and you will have the first component to life.” -Edward Roscoe Murrow


éclat: [ey-klah; French ey-kla] (n) 1. brilliance of success, reputation, achievement… 2. showy or elaborate display. 3. acclamation; acclaim.

in a sentence: The starlet basked in the éclat of her Emmy nomination.


For the kids, here’s a short list of synonyms for the word awesome, for if you counted how many times you heard this word a day, you’d come right back to this list.

synonyms for awesome:

  • amazing
  • wonderful
  • wondrous
  • impressive
  • grand
  • mind-blowing…

Let’s not banish the word altogether. It is, after all, awesome . . . when used strategically.

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-Elle C.

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